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John Turri, a seventeen-year-old with Keratoconus, received a fresh outlook on life recently. John’s mother, Amy, is a single mother of five and is barely making ends meet. After finding out the cost of surgery on the day of John’s consultation, she broke down because…

John Turri, Patient, Corneal Crosslinking (CXL) Read Full Testimonial

“If you’re looking for a reliable, educated, and loving place to get you or a loved one’s eye surgery, look no further! I couldn’t have asked for a better experience with Dougherty Laser Vision. I went to DLV because I was interested in eye surgery…

Shyla Sturman, Patient, Read Full Testimonial

My name is Filoberto Zepeda I’m very pleased with the surgery I had. I see great! I can do something I love which is hunting. Where I work I can see now where the fine details need to be made. I feel more comfortable and…

Filoberto Zepeda, Patient, Read Full Testimonial

Dr. Paul Dougherty MD performed my cataract surgery on February 13, 2018 and I had an amazing experience. I am an Optometrist and could pick anyone to do my surgery but Dr. Dougherty is the best. He did my LASIK 14 Year’s ago and I…

Dr. Kathy Fallon OD, Doctor, Optometrist
Cataract patient Read Full Testimonial

I was urged by a friend to meet Dr. Dougherty when I was visiting in the area this past June.  At that time I visited with Dr. Dougherty about the possibility of multifocal lenses with laser OU to address my cataracts.  I returned home to…

Mirthful in Montana – Judy Fay – Cataract Surgery Patient, Patient, Read Full Testimonial

With the big man himself- da LASIK OG Dr. Dougherty, yesterday day of surgery. Can’t believe I waited this long. Love it!!

Jackson Rathbone, Celebrity, Actor, The Twighlight Saga Read Full Testimonial

Paul Dougherty is a visionary. He not only helps people see better, but sees how to serve many who cannot afford vision correction. He travels to foreign countries, teaching doctors the latest techniques of corrective surgery, and has operated on eyes of countless under priviliged…

Fred Segal, Celebrity, February 14, 2012 Santa Monica, California Read Full Testimonial

In just five minutes, my life changed. Dr. Dougherty’s LASIK surgery was the most empowering gift I’ve ever given myself. I can’t stop smiling.

Leeza Gibbons, Celebrity, Celebrity, Philanthropist Read Full Testimonial

Several years ago I benefited from the technical and professional expertise of Dr. Paul Dougherty. Today I am deeply moved by Dr. Dougherty’s mission to help more people throughout the world. This book explains how he brings it all together for patients…and for those less…

James D. Power IV, Celebrity, on Dr. Paul Dougherty and his book, See For Yourself.
Former Senior Vice President
International Operation
J.D. Power & Associates Read Full Testimonial

Thanks so much for my vision correction surgery! I’m so happy! I can see!

Leighton Meester, Celebrity, TV Celebrity, Model, Singer Read Full Testimonial

The eye is the jewel of the body. Thank you for fixing my jewels Dr. Dougherty.

Elle Travis, Celebrity, Actress Read Full Testimonial

Dr. Paul Thanks for the perfect vision.

Ryan Boone, Celebrity, Read Full Testimonial

Thanks Doc, Easier to play when I can see the basketball!

Taylor Roshestie, Celebrity, Professional Basketball Player Read Full Testimonial

To Dr Dougherty, thank you for my new vision. I Love it!

Josh Sussman, Celebrity, Actor Read Full Testimonial

Thank you for the amazing work! I’ve never seen better!!

Hal B Klein, Celebrity, Actor Read Full Testimonial

What a great experience! Dr. Dougherty and staff were friendly, attentive and informative. I had Visian ICL’s implanted into each eye to correct my vision. The result was just as I hoped. As an optometrist, I loved that Dr. Dougherty talked me through the whole…

Dr. Amanda Parreira, Doctor, Read Full Testimonial

I have known Dr. Dougherty for over 12 years, and have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Dougherty on many different levels throughout that time. Not only did I work for Dr. Dougherty prior to becoming an Optometrist, I was one of his patients…

Morgan A Ruiz , O.D., Doctor, Read Full Testimonial

I am an optometrist and have known Dr. Dougherty for many years. He has provided outstanding care to several hundreds of my patients. He did LASIK surgery on my son 10 years ago and did cataract surgery on me last year. I could have seen…

Don Steensma, O.D., Doctor, Eye Doctor Oxnard Read Full Testimonial

Dougherty Laser Vision is one of the most magnificent ophthalmology practices in the field! I recently had the pleasure of coming in to Dr. Dougherty as one of his patients for the ICL corrective procedure, and can only rave about the superb eyesight I have…

S.Z., O.D., Doctor, Read Full Testimonial

As a private practice optometrist, patient satisfaction is one of the utmost importance for our continued success. When I decide to work with another practitioner, whether it is a lid specialist, retinal specialist I am always cautious. We want the best. Let’s face it, who…

Dr. Tim Trinh, O.D., F.A.A.O., Doctor, Eye Doctor Thousand Oaks Read Full Testimonial

Hello everyone! I am an optometrist who is very myopic (nearsighted) and have been wearing glasses and contact lenses since I was 8 years old. Due to the nature of my prescription, I was advised that I would have better visual outcome with Visian ICL….

Mark Landig, O.D., Doctor, Eye Doctor Beverly Hills Read Full Testimonial

My lasik experience with Dr. Dougherty and his staff was amazing. Not only do his qualifications speak for themself, but it is hard to find a doctor with such a caring bedside manner. His entire office from the front desk to the technicians are welcoming…

Sara Kaz, O.D., Doctor, Eye Doctor in Thousand Oaks Read Full Testimonial

I have been sending very satisfied patients to you for years, and I finally had the need to use an ophthalmologist personally. I have to say that I am glad I chose you, even though I refer to a number of other very good surgeons…

Dr. J. Richard Rishko, O.D., Doctor, Eye Doctor
Cataract Surgery Patient
Agoura Hills Read Full Testimonial

I am local optometrist and I had Visian Implantable Contact Lenses 10 years ago. I am still extremely happy and have had many patients that have had both LASIK and ICL surgery. I have never had any problems. All of my patients are thrilled with…

Tom Fausset, O.D., Doctor, Eye Doctor
Santa Barbara Read Full Testimonial

Thank you Dougherty Laser Vision! I just had CATz LASIK and I’m seeing better than I ever did. This is the best gift ever!!

Anh Le, O.D., Doctor, Eye Doctor Read Full Testimonial

I am another patient of yours who was thoroughly happy with the process, the outcome, and the surgeon. I wanted to add my appreciation for the career path you chose, and the practice you created. Your work brings so much to so many patients! You…

Mike Lovett, M.D., Doctor, Read Full Testimonial

Cataract surgery was easier than Lasix. Especially with dropless technique. I saw 20/20 just 2 days after surgery with no hassle of drops! Awesome vision! I am so excited! Dr. Dougherty is absolutely wonderful and I feel lucky to have had this opportunity! Thanks Doc

Dr. Cory Bream, O.D., Doctor, Eye Doctor
Santa Barbara, CA Read Full Testimonial

As an ophthalmic surgeon myself, I was very impressed with your surgical skills and reputation, which I had been aware of for some time. In fact, several years ago I promised myself that if I ever had LASIK performed on my own eyes, you would…

Peter R. Trueb, MD, Doctor, Ophthalmologist
Zurich, Switzerland Read Full Testimonial

I just want to thank you for performing my LASIK. I have had an outstanding result, achieving uncorrected visual acuity of 20/15 in each eye. I was able to got to work the next day, seeing a full load of patients. Two days after the…

Steven Rimmer, M.D., Doctor, Ophthalmologist
Hemet, California Read Full Testimonial

I greatly appreciate the gift of vision you have given me. Prior to surgery, my vision was so poor that I couldn’t recognize people in the pool until they we were virtually bumping heads. I’d been to other offices in the past and rejected the…

Douglas Wilson, M.D., Doctor, Family Medicine
Ventura, California Read Full Testimonial

I decided to have LASIK surgery after having worn glasses since the age of six. My vision was roughly 20/400 when I contacted your office for an evaluation. You had come highly recommended by several of my colleagues. Your exam was thorough and the time…

Ray Greek, M.D., Doctor, Anesthesiologist
Goleta, California Read Full Testimonial

Dr. Dougherty and his team ROCK!! After wearing Contact Lens for 45 years I made the decision to go with the brand new Symfony IOL lenses and couldn’t be happier. Don’t put this off any longer if you are considering this. My experience from the…

Link Wilson, Patient, Founder of Compulink,
Ophthalmic Electronic Healthcare Records System Read Full Testimonial

After 20+ years of glasses, I decided I was ready for LASIK. Today, I have 20/20 vision and couldn’t be happier. Dr Dougherty is hands down the best in the business

Deborah Summers, Patient, Optician Read Full Testimonial

I’ve had LASIK done a few weeks ago and I love it. Dr. Dougherty and his staff were the best. They treating me absolutely amazing and I see 20/15. I’m so glad I made this decision. Thank you Dougherty and his staff such amazing people.

Terri Samudio, Patient, Read Full Testimonial

I had glasses since I remember myself. Dr Dougherty and his team were able to eliminate the need for glasses and it wasn’t an easy task at all. I have been looking for the last 10 years for a solution for my condition and I…

Yaar, Patient, Read Full Testimonial

Absolutely phenomenal service and treatment. Beautiful location pairs with a staff that focuses on great customer service. I was treated with respect, dignity, and compassion from beginning to end here. Dr. Dougherty was friendly, professional and had a great…. I’d like to say bedside manner,…

Travis V., Patient, San Luis Obispo Read Full Testimonial

From the moment walking through the doors I felt welcomed and taken care of. The ladies at the reception desk were so kind and sweet. The office was gorgeous and had beverages and homemade cookies if u were having a bit of a sweet tooth…

Lauren T., Patient, Read Full Testimonial

Dr. Dougherty, There is no gift I will receive this Christmas that will be close to the one you gave me in August. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thanked you for my eyesight, I can’t believe it myself. It is a gift…

Pat Kubach, Patient, Read Full Testimonial

Dear Dr. Dougherty & Staff: I simply want to go on record as being eternally grateful to you, not only for the courtesy extended to me through our daughter Cindy, but for the incredible and unbelievable results of my right eye laser surgery! ! You…

Shirley Sharpe, Patient, Read Full Testimonial

My name is Bas Rutten and I am a professional fighter. I am the three time undefeated King of Pancrase and the undefeated UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) Heavyweight Champion. These are No Hold Barred fight organizations. I ALWAYS lost my contacts during my training sessions…

Bas Rutten, Patient, UFC Heavyweight Champion Read Full Testimonial

I couldn’t be happier with Dougherty Laser Vision. Dr. Dougherty performed cataract surgery on both of my eyes this September, 2013. I found Dr. Dougherty and his staff to be caring and professional in every respect throughout my journey, from my first visit and evaluation…

Joe Z., Patient, Westlake Village, CA Read Full Testimonial

I can’t thank you enough for my new vision. What a life-changing experience! I keep thinking that it was just too easy. My vision changed dramatically in a matter of hours, and I am now completely free from glasses and contacts for the first time…

Valerie Sanchez, Patient, Ophthalmic Technician
Santa Barbara, California Read Full Testimonial

I want to thank you for giving me the gift of 20/20 vision, which I have not experienced since grade school. The surgery was so quick and painless. It’s hard to believe that I could walk into the office with 20/500 vision, and walk out…

Anita Shaffer, Patient, Office Manager
Oxnard, California Read Full Testimonial

As an artist, I need to plan each new painting with a foreground, middleground and background. Thank you for giving me the ability to clearly see all of them with the surgery you performed on my eyes. The result was all that you promised.

Sue Gordon, Patient, Artist
Thousand Oaks, California Read Full Testimonial

I want to thank you for the excellent job you did correcting my vision. I’ll be driving an Indy car next month at the California Speedway, and the crystal-clear sight I now have will be most appreciated at 200 miles per hour! Of course, the…

Bob Majorino, Patient, Camarillo, California Read Full Testimonial

Google Reviews

Great service. Very professional. Great vibe. I’m a veteran and I️ got sent here because it’s close to my mothers house. The servide was fantastic. Five star treatment. I️ got new glasses now I️ can read again the doctor’s expertise was right on the money.

Shawn Faraz

I would highly recommend Dougherty Laser Vision. All their staff was very cordial and Dr. Dougherty ensured my procedure from beginning to end was a success. From having to wear glasses since I was in elementary school. Now I can see 50/50 ! Can't explain how happy I am that I don't wear glasses and can live my life worry free about losing glasses or dealing with contacts! One happy patient !

Aliyah Vasquez

I would definitely recommend Dougherty Laser Vision to anyone looking for world-class laser eye surgery or eye health services. They are some of the most professional, reputable, and knowledgeable professionals in the business. It's always a pleasure to work with them and I can't stress enough how much I'd recommend giving them a call for your eye care needs.

Meghan Nelson

Great Experience. I was unsure at first about the procedure. But Dr. Dougherty and his staff are very professional and highly trained. They walked me through every test and procedure. After my surgery I was amazed at the clarity. I could see up close and read again. I am very thankful and I highly recommend Dougherty Laser Vision. You will not be disappointed and don't wait thinking your eyes will get better over time. They get worse over time to the point you can't read anything. The procedure is painless and over in a very short time. You will not feel a thing. Best decision you will ever make for yourself. I cannot thank Dr. Dougherty enough for giving me back my eyesight.

James Ramirez

I have always had terrible eyesight even as a child. I had to wear coke bottle lenses and hard contact lenses as a pre-teen. After many years of wearing all types of contacts my eyes rebelled. They started turning red every time I put them in. I went and saw Dr Dougherty he suggested ICL. I am a HUGE baby but I really didn't want to go back to glasses. I'm so glad that I agreed to ICL. The next morning I could see perfectly, it looked like HD on a movie! It's been 7 years and I'm still at 20/20!

Erin Kent

I had ICL surgery with Dr. Dougherty a year ago, and I still think it's one of the best decisions I've ever made! Recovery was a breeze, and I have had zero eye issues in the last year. Vision is still perfect. Really a fabulous experience all around. My prescription used to be -7.5 in each eye, and being able to see without glasses/contacts is life changing. Dr. Dougherty and his staff took excellent care of me, including several follow up phone calls to ensure I was still doing well weeks after the procedure. Highly recommend if you need vision correction surgery!

Rebecca Major

The young lady that was taking pictures of my eyes wasn’t honest with me about still being in training or that she was still learning how to adjust the Camera & take pictures. In my honest opinion, Techs should make patients aware when their still in training or learning their jobs, so patients don’t think their at fault for pictures not coming out clear or focused. If techs were a little Friendlier, that would be nice as well. I have to give Dougherty Laser Vision 4 Stars for Very Good, But not Excellent. Thank you Josh Arnold

Josh Arnold

Even though I was not a candidate for surgery the Dr was amazing. He told me to keep checking in. If there was a new procedure to fit my lifestyle and occupation he would keep me informed. The staff is extremely friendly and welcoming. I recommend them at the highest level.

Little Mouse

If you’re looking for a reliable, educated and loving place to get you or a loved one’s eye surgery, look no further! I couldn’t have asked for a better experience with Dougherty Laser Vision. I went to DLV because I was interested in eye surgery and when I walked in I was greeted with a very lovely environment with snacks, fruit, water and coffee. I was seen by Dr. Dougherty who was amazing and told me what eye surgery would work best for my eyes and that same day I was able to make an appointment for the following week to have it done! All of the staff and doctors were so nice and welcoming as well as quick to answer any questions I had. I was quite nervous going into the surgery because I have never undergone surgery before but Dr. Dougherty and his wonderful team really made me feel comfortable and taken care of. It’s about 3 weeks post-op and my eyes are healing amazingly! Im incredibly grateful I found Dougherty Laser Vision and wouldn’t trust anyone else with my eyes. I couldn’t recommend them enough!

Shyla Sturman

My name is Filiberto Zepeda I’m very pleased with the surgery I had. I see great! I can do something I love which is hunting. Where I work I can see now where the fine details need to be made. I feel more comfortable and secure when completing my jobs because I can see everything so much better! I can drive myself to work without needing someone else to. Thank you, Dr. Dougherty and your staff, for being extremely friendly and helping me throughout this process. I can say with the utmost confidence that Dr. Dougherty is the BEST!

Filiberto Zepeda

I went too Dougherty Lasier Vision, with my grandmother, for the very first time. The staff is amazing!!! They played with my son while I was waiting in the lobby, spoke and kept my grandfather and i entertained while waiting. I my self will be coming here to get my eyes checked. I highly recommend this place.

Ludeah Hudson

Second experience with Doughtery Laser Vision. Excellent customer service and professional staff. Corrective surgery for a traumatic injury has been well worth it. Vision has been restored to 20/20.

Dustin LeBrun

I came here to get LASIK eye surgery. Its now the day after surgery and i'm feeling amazing!! I now have 20/20 vision. This is my longest review i've ever done because I am blown away by the level of care Dr Dougherty gave me! My experience at this business is wonderful. When you arrive for the consultation, your eyes are thoroughly checked over and the thickness of the cornea is evaluated. They discuss whether they can or cannot do surgery and the type of surgery needed. You get given a patient counselor. They run though any questions you may have including what eye drops you'll need to use and run over pre op and post op instructions, payment and payment plans. The lady that helped me is called Ilyce Bolotin and she was so lovely and informative. She answered all my questions and made me feel at ease. Dr Dougherty is a genius, in my eyes! :) He is so knowledgeable and good at his job. He is so gentle and takes extreme care of you and makes you feel as safe as possible. In my consultation he took great time in answering all my questions and didn't sugar coat anything. He is very practical and matter of fact when it comes to results. He won't promise there won't be complications or side effects but he does promise he will take good care of you and give you his all, to get you perfect vision. He is extremely cautious upon who he agrees to give LASIK to. FDA approve the thickness of the cornea to be at least 250. Dr Dougherty won't do surgery on anyone who's under 300!! This is also to help eliminate the chances of developing ectasia (thinning of the cornea). After surgery Dr Dougherty called me that evening to check that I'm ok. Such a lovely touch! The staff are all so wonderful and kind. They make you feel so welcome when you are there. During surgery they gave me a teddybear names "Tigger" that I could hold. So sweet! The poor teddy certainly got squeezed to death though! The surgery itself was very quick. Id say the only pain I experienced was some pressure of a machine thats put down over your eye area to cut the cornea. Cutting the cornea did not hurt at all, it was the machine that went on the bones around my eye. They push down and count down and its soon over though. But before all that they open your eye with this contraction so that you can't blink. It doesn't hurt at all and because you have numbing drops in there you don't really feel the need to blink. So Once the flap has then been created, his moves the flap over to one side - no pain at all. The laser is positioned and goes in the eye - no pain again! I'd say the only slightly gross moment is when you smell the burning lol It smells like burn hair. Its over in seconds though. He then puts the flap back over and positions it and all done!! That moment when I got up and I could see the clock above me - I wanted to cry with happiness!! I went around and hugged everyone with shear joy! When you leave they give you this adorable mug with chocolates inside. They give you these plastic goggles to put on, on a night so you can't scratch your eye in your sleep. I also invested in some cheap but extremely dark sunglasses which I'm probably gonna be using for the next week as your very sensitive to light. I would recommend this business and the surgeon Dr Paul Dougherty to anyone who is considering getting eye surgery. He also specializes in diseases of the eye too! Such a wonderful experience and I would do it 10 times over now I know how easy the procedure is and what benefits I now have of being free of glasses and contact lenses. Thank you Dr Paul Dougherty for changing my life!!

Janine Gateland

I went in for ICL surgery last Thursday and had 20/15 vision the next day! Dr. Dougherty has great energy and his entire staff is responsive and helpful. I've had glasses since I was 8 so being able to see first thing in the morning is taking time to process. The procedure went smoothly and each day my eyes have felt better and feel almost completely normal now. So excited to start working out again without glasses!

Cecilia C

This place is amazing! They take customer service to a whole other level with fresh baked cookies, snacks, cucumber water and a coffee tea bar. The staff are so incredibly friendly and very educated in everything they do. Linda, the office manager, was especially helpful. They had ran out of decaf coffee and she even went out of her way to the cafe downstairs to get me some. She also included a chocolate muffin, yum! As far as the medicine, I know I came to the right place. Dr. Dougherty is clearly very experienced and an amazing surgeon. I can't wait to get surgery here! A huge plus, I read that Robin Thicke got surgery here recently and is now seeing 20/15. That is amazing! Definitely the best team in the field!

Qtennis C

Yelp Reviews

please see my review i wrote about dr. dougherty, it looks like it came up in his beverly hills office review instead of the camarillo/westlake offices...

Scott B.

Love Dr. Dougherty and his staff. Treated like a queen--not easy since his practice is so incredibly busy. I've NEVER felt rushed and best of all, my vision...

Erin S.

Best experience ever. Dougherty staff was extremely professional and made my lasik procedure as easy and painless as possible.

Rick S.

Came here the other week to make an appointment since my eyes have been bothering me (lots of pressure and blurry vision even with glasses). The...

Heather C.

I just had LASIK at Dougherty Vision Care and I am thrilled. I put off the procedure for so long as my vision is so important to my life that I was a little...

Tilden M.

I couldn't be more excited about getting my vision corrected (excited about surgery- that's really a feat)! These are the most upbeat office staff and...

Suzi C.

I recently had Lasik surgery with Dr. Daugherty about mid-May, and am fast approaching the 1-month mark since my operation. I couldn't be happier with the...

Christopher S.

I came to Dr. Dougherty through a friend's recommendation and have been more than satisfied with their service and performance. The procedure itself was...

Natasha T.

What a great experience! Dr. Dougherty and staff were friendly, attentive and informative. I had Visian ICL's implanted into each eye to correct my...

Amanda P.
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