Testimonial: Dr. Ronald Singer

Posted on Feb 28 in Doctor Testimonials

My name is Ronald Singer and I am an Optometrist. For 35 years I have been referring patients for cataract surgery. During the past year, a cataract had made night driving extremely difficult. When surgery was necessary, my choice of Ophthalmologists was very limited. I had previously heard Dr. Dougherty lecture at several Optometric seminars and was aware of his excellent reputation. After my consultation with him, the decision was easy. From the moment I set foot in his office, I was treated like a celebrity and was thrilled with the overall experience. The staff was warm, welcoming and attentive to my needs. Three days after surgery I drove from the Valley to Long Beach in near darkness without any hesitations or concerns. Not having to use any Rx eye drops after the surgery was a big bonus. If you are considering cataract or refractive surgery your eyes deserve the best.