LASIK, Implantable Contact Lens, and Cataract Surgery at Dougherty Laser Vision

For more than a decade, Dougherty Laser Vision has brought the life-changing benefits of laser eye surgery to Los Angeles and Ventura Counties that include LASIK, cataract surgery, corrective lens implants, like the Implantable Contact Lens, and other advanced vision correction techniques to people who demand the highest quality care. Located in Ventura County and Los Angeles County, you can visit our offices in Beverly HillsWestlake Village, CamarilloSan Luis ObispoEncino, and Simi Valley. Our wide range of treatment options ensures that each patient receives the most appropriate and personalized vision correction.

When you visit our offices in Los Angeles or Ventura County we’ll determine what will be best for your needs. You have options with LASIK, PRK, Implantable Contact Lenses, Lens Replacement, Keratoconus,  Cataract Surgery, and Cataract Surgery with a Refractive Laser Package. LASIK is a great option for visually challenged individuals with prescriptions less than -8, with or without astigmatism. PRK is an option for those who are not candidates for LASIK due to thin corneas. Both farsighted and nearsighted candidates can benefit from PRK and it is an excellent option for a patient seeking vision correction. Implantable Contact Lenses are for the visually challenged individual with a prescription greater than -3 and up to as high as -23 with or without astigmatism Lens Replacement is a popular course of treatment for those ages 40+ who may not realize the long-term benefits of LASIK surgery and for those who may want to correct their vision for both distance and reading. Cataract Surgery with a Refractive Package is a popular option for Cataract surgery patients who want the new multifocal IOLs used in Lens Replacement with a combination of LASIK to ensure that each patient achieves their best-corrected vision.

At Dougherty Laser Vision, we want you to have the clear vision to experience life’s moments naturally, without glasses or contacts. If seeing is believing, then see for yourself by scheduling your Free Consultation today at our Los Angeles or Ventura County offices.