LASIK and Cataract Surgery in Southern California


I want to see clearly, without glasses or contact lenses.


I don’t want to live my life with cloudy, impaired vision.


I want to make sure my optic nerve stays protected.


I’m worried about conditions that can damage my retina and limit my eyesight.

Why Choose DLV Vision

At DLV Vision, we believe that custom vision solutions go hand in hand with high-quality results. We utilize a range of vision solutions to put together a custom vision plan for each patient. All of our services utilize the safest advanced technology, which we use to help make your experience as efficient as possible. And you can expect smooth sailing for your entire eye journey care thanks to the experience and personal dedication of our talented team of doctors.

Steps to Improving Your Vision With LASIK

Schedule a Consultation

Interested in life-changing vision correction surgery? Book a consult to learn how you can see better, with less need for eyewear.

Get a Personalized Vision Plan

We take our time to learn about each one of our patients and their vision needs to design a tailored treatment plan that’s just as well suited for their lifestyle as it is their eye care needs.

Achieve Clear Vision Without Glasses or Contact Lenses

Great vision without keeping track of eyewear helps give you both confidence and peace of mind, and our corrective vision surgery makes that stress-free clarity easier to achieve than ever.

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Hal B Klein


Thank you for the amazing work! I’ve never seen better!!

Josh Sussman


To Dr Dougherty, thank you for my new vision. I Love it!

Taylor Roshestie

Professional Basketball Player

Thanks Doc, Easier to play when I can see the basketball!

Ryan Boone

Dr. Paul Thanks for the perfect vision.

Elle Travis


The eye is the jewel of the body. Thank you for fixing my jewels Dr. Dougherty.

Leighton Meester

TV Celebrity, Model, Singer

Thanks so much for my vision correction surgery! I’m so happy! I can see!

James D. Power IV

on Dr. Paul Dougherty and his book, See For Yourself. Former Senior Vice President International Operation J.D. Power & Associates

Several years ago I benefited from the technical and professional expertise of Dr. Paul Dougherty. Today I am deeply moved by Dr. Dougherty’s mission to help more people throughout the world. This book explains how he brings it all together for patients…and for those less fortunate. Read it and you will be inspired, too.

Leeza Gibbons

Celebrity, Philanthropist

In just five minutes, my life changed. Dr. Dougherty’s LASIK surgery was the most empowering gift I’ve ever given myself. I can’t stop smiling.

Fred Segal

Santa Monica, California

Paul Dougherty is a visionary. He not only helps people see better, but sees how to serve many who cannot afford vision correction. He travels to foreign countries, teaching doctors the latest techniques of corrective surgery, and has operated on eyes of countless under priviliged people, giving them both the gift of vision and the gift of his love.

In his book, Dr. Paul shows why LASIK is not for everyone and that there are alternative procedures that can allow all of us the best vision possible.

Some of my closest friends have trusted Dr. Paul with their eyes, and he has been both a friend and doctor to me. It is inspiring to see him give the same love and attention to those in need that he gives to his many celebrity clients.

Dr. Paul makes Happy Health. I love Dr. Paul. In Dr. Paul we trust

Jackson Rathbone

Actor, The Twilight Saga

With the big man himself- da LASIK OG Dr. Dougherty, yesterday day of surgery. Can’t believe I waited this long. Love it!!

Catherine Rosales

My visit was very pleasant and I felt confident about having cataract surgery. The Dr was very down-to-earth and explained procedures well. She answered all my questions the woman who discussed costs and process was extremely helpful and very nice.

Josh Burtnett

Excellent experience and service. They really helped me understand my options and my prescription is very difficult so they were able to move through all the nuances in an easy to comprehend method. Dr. Dougherty is an amazing human being that truly care about the well being of his patients.

Justin Cooley

I have nothing but great things to say about the care I received at DLV. The entire team was a very patient and answered all of my questions, which is important for someone who typically has a lot of medical anxiety. Dr. Dougherty and his team managed to squeeze me in the same day, which was important because I came in from out of town. I woke up the next morning with great vision and no pain at all. Seriously, my eyes aren't even red. I wish I had done this ten years ago.

Bryan Tamoria-Bowen

DLV made me feel like an important patient. Not only are the doctors caring and staff friendly and helpful but they made sure I was taken care of when my procedure had to be rescheduled causing a big inconvenience for me. These five stars are for the manager Hilary!

Megan McKiernan

Life changing! I wish I had done it sooner. Of course, anything with your eyes is very scary... I was super nervous. I am a creative director, so my eyes are everything to me. Dr. Dougherty and his team are the best of the best and I felt like I could trust them completely.

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We’re here to serve the growing eye care needs of the Southern California area. No matter where you are in the region, you’re never far from clear vision and quality eye care.

Meet Our Doctors

The doctors at DLV Vision are some of the most experienced providers in the region, with an impressive range of specialties, and they all are dedicated to providing an exceptional patient experience. We’ll walk you through all your options and let you know what each one means for your vision, taking into account your specific needs and preferences to deliver a personalized vision solution you’ll love.

Dr. Paul Dougherty

Paul J. Dougherty, M.D.

Paul J. Dougherty MD is among the nation’s most experienced laser and lens-based vision correction surgeons. In addition to serving as medical director of Dougherty Laser Vision (with offices in Westlake Village, Camarillo, San Luis Obispo and Beverly Hills, California) Dr. Dougherty is an assistant clinical instructor of ophthalmology at the Jules Stein Eye Institute at UCLA’s Geffen School of Medicine.

Dr Houman Vosoghi

Houman Vosoghi, M.D.

Dr. Asha Balakrishnan

Asha Balakrishnan, M.D.

Dr. Joseph Chen

Joseph Chen, M.D.

Dr. Moises Enghelberg

Moises Enghelberg, D.O.

Dr. Lynn Zhang

Xiaolin (Lynn) Zhang, M.D.

Dr. Gregory Spencer

Gregory Spencer, M.D.

Nicolas Biro, M.D

Nicolas Biro, M.D

Dr. Anh Le

Anh Le, O.D.

Dr. Sidra Qadri

Sidra Qadri, O.D.

Dr. Alique Boulgourjian

Alique Boulgourjian, O.D.

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