General Ophthalmology

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General Ophthalmology

Dougherty laser vision ophthalmology team provides the full range of medical and surgical care for eye and vision related condition.

We examine your eyes for eye diseases and conditions. Early screening is important so we can treat the eye disease with greater success. General ophthalmologist evaluates a range of symptoms such as blurred vision, red eyes, dry eyes, glaucoma, cataracts, and many more.

What general ophthalmology services do we offer?

  1. Comprehensive Exams
  2. Cataract Evaluations
  3. LASIK Evaluations
  4. Dry Eyes
  5. Red Eyes
  6. Blurred Vision
  7. Corneal Evaluations
  8. Diabetic Eye Disease
  9. Macular Degeneration
  10. Uveitis
  11. Keratoconus Evaluations
  12. Diabetic Retinopathy
  13. Retina Treatment (AMD, Diabetic Treatment & Evaluation)
  14. YAG Laser Treatments
  15. Treatment of Dry Eye

What glaucoma services do we offer?

  1. Glaucoma Screening & Evaluation
  2. Glaucoma Laser Treatment
  3. SLT (selective laser trabeculoposty)
  4. iStent
  5. Nerve Fiber Layer Analysis
  6. Visual Field

Dougherty Laser Vision doctors who provide general ophthalmology services:

  • Dr. Bala
  • Dr. Vosoghi
  • Dr. Le
  • Dr. Qadri
  • Dr. Kennedy

Male patient under eye vision examination