LASIK vs Contact Lenses

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Even though it might seem like contacts and contact lenses are more affordable than LASIK, the cost of refilling your prescription can get very expensive over time. Many people wonder, how the onetime costs of Lasik compares to the lifetime cost of contact lenses. But the main question you should ask is how much is your vision worth to you?

The Pros of LASIK vs. Contact Lenses

  1. Cost– contact lenses can cost up to 200 a yr, contact lens cost 500 a yr, LASIK can costs up to $4,000-5,000 for life
  2. Quick Procedure – Lasik procedure is a onetime quick procedure versus contact lenses or contacts that has to be maintained every year
  3. Life-style change – LASIK is a onetime lifestyle change versus contact lenses that can impede with your lifestyle such as difficulty to exercise in, bad weather, can’t see without them

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Buying contacts and contact lenses may seem like a small investment, but when looking at it from a long-term perspective, the cost adds up substantially. When looking at your vision as a lifetime need, LASIK is less expensive than eyeglasses and contacts. If you would like to have made a permanent change in your lifestyle by receiving LASIK surgery, call Dougherty Laser Vision today! We offer convenient financing options such as Alphaeon to fit your personal need including 24-month interest-free financing to qualified patients. You can apply today by using this link: www.goalphaeon.com/apply .

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