Same-Day Surgery at DLV Vision

Our patients are our top priority, and we’re always listening to what they have to say. We’ve found that about 85% of patients want their surgery within the same week or as soon as possible, which is why we’re proud to offer same-day surgery options.

What Is Same-Day Surgery?

Same-day surgery is almost exactly what it sounds like: it’s when we book you for a first-time consultation, pre-operation testing, and surgery, all on the same day! Same-day surgery can also include cases where the consultation takes place on a different day, but the pre-op testing and procedure takes during the same appointment. Procedures available for same-day surgery include:

Same-Day Surgery at DLV Vision in Los Angeles

Appointment Process

Same-day surgery condenses your procedure into a single day, so you should plan at least three hours out of your day for the entire process, though some surgeries require more time than others. We’ll go over everything you should expect during your consultation. Here’s a further breakdown of what your schedule will likely include:



You’ll receive a greeting from our friendly team and can relax in our comfortable waiting room for 15 minutes or less while we get everything ready for you. Then, you will be taken back for testing, where our technicians will perform evaluations for about 30 minutes to determine the current state of your eye health.

15 minutes


Doctor Discussion

For the next half hour, our internal optometrists will thoroughly check your eyes during a comprehensive eye exam. You’ll then meet with your surgeon for about 20 minutes or so, where you’ll learn more about your procedure and what to expect during each step.

30 minutes


Patient Counselor/Opening in Schedule

After that, you’ll sit down with our patient counselor to discuss pricing and financing options for approximately 20 minutes. Our team will go over in detail what you need to know to prepare for surgery for about 15 minutes. We’ll then bring your surgeon in during an opening in their schedule; because of this, wait times can vary.

30 minutes



It may surprise you to learn that most of our surgeries are quite fast — usually only around 20 minutes! Your individual experience will depend on which surgery you are undergoing, but in all our procedures we ensure your eye is properly numbed and you are comfortable the entire time. Our skilled doctors will check in with you throughout, so you always feel supported and well cared for.

15 minutes


After Surgery

We’ll monitor you for a short period of time after your procedure to make sure there aren’t any complications. When our team has assessed you and made sure you are in tip-top shape, we will send you home with your driver so you can be on your way to enjoying clear sight.

30 minutes


Our same-day surgery option provides a wide range of benefits. This process reduces the number of appointments you need to get better eyesight, and the sooner you can depend on your own vision, the sooner you won’t need to rely on glasses or contact lenses as much.

Wide Range Benefits of Same-Day Surgery at DLV Vision
Candidate Patients for Same-Day Surgery

Who Can Benefit from Same-Day Surgery?

Anyone who’s eligible for refractive surgery is a candidate for same-day surgery! Same-day surgery is a perfect choice for patients who live out of town or those with restrictive work schedules. Since it all takes place on a single day, it’s also great in a pinch — we can help improve the eyesight of contact lens patients who are having trouble finding the right lens, or even patients with a major event coming up who want to quickly reduce their need for eyeglasses!

Why Choose Us?

DLV Vision is the best choice for when you need an expedited experience that doesn’t sacrifice your quality of care or results. Even though everything happens in one day, your surgery is never rushed, and we’ll always take the time to make sure you’re comfortable and completely satisfied. Trust the team at DLV Vision to get you seeing clearly — quickly!

DLV Vision- The Best Choice Same-Day Eye Surgery


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