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DLV Vision is the preferred choice to start your exceptional laser eye surgery journey in Simi Valley. We believe that advanced technology and customized treatment plans make all the difference, and our experienced ophthalmologists and compassionate staff will always go the extra mile to deliver the eyesight you deserve, starting from your first consultation.

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Laser Eye Surgery Services in Simi Valley


One of the most trusted corrective vision surgeries, LASIK can improve your eyesight and reduce your dependency on eyeglasses and contact lenses. At our surgical centers, we utilize ultraprecise lasers to finely adjust and enhance your vision for even faster and clearer results.

Cataract Surgery

Cataracts are an extremely common condition for those above 40, which causes clouding of the eye’s lens as you age. DLV Vision’s expert ophthalmologists can not only restore your vision, but provide dramatic vision enhancement through cataract surgery, the only way to truly treat cataracts.

Dry Eye

Dry eye disease is an uncomfortable condition where your eyes are not producing enough tears, or are producing low-quality tears — leaving you with irritated, scratchy, red, and dried-out eyes. Our team uses an array of advanced technology that can not only diagnose the root of your dry eye case, but also treat those causes for fast, and lasting, relief.


Implantable contact lenses (ICLs) are artificial lenses that improve your vision similarly to contact lenses, but they’re permanently installed in your eye. ICL surgery doesn’t operate on primary parts of the eye, so it’s a great option for patients with nearsightedness who aren’t eligible for other laser eye surgeries.

 The DLV Vision Experience

The DLV Vision Experience

The Simi Valley DLV Vision team has years of experience providing skilled, compassionate eye care for our community, and our updated office is a big part of what makes our vision correction consults one-of-a-kind experiences. We firmly believe that the best procedures are those tailored to the individual, and thoroughly explain options to our patients so they can make informed decisions.

Our office was designed with the patient experience in mind, from our comfortable waiting room with flatscreen TVs to the advanced diagnostics our team uses to ensure custom care.

Meet the Team

At DLV Vision in Simi Valley, our team is all about taking care of you and your eye care needs, starting with our highly respected doctors, Dr. Vosoghi, Dr. Balakrishnan, Dr. Pham, Dr. Zhang, and Dr. Chen. We believe in going the extra mile to make your experience incredible and personalize our recommendations to fit what you, and your lifestyle, demand from your vision!

DLV Vision in Simi Valley

Proudly Serving

We’re proud to provide laser eye surgery consultations for the Simi Valley community and surrounding areas, such as Brandeis, Moorpark, Bell Canyon, Oak Park, Del Valle, Pico, Stevenson Ranch, and Piru. Whether you’re spending an afternoon in Atherwood Park or hiking Hummingbird Trail, we want you to enjoy it all, with the clearest vision possible!

Driving Directions

Our address is 2796 Sycamore Drive, Suite 101, Simi Valley, CA 93065.

From the north, take CA-23 S/Chambersburg Road to Spring Road, then turn left. Stay on Spring Road for 1.3 miles, then turn left onto Princeton Avenue, passing Vegiterranean Kitchen on your right as you turn. Take Princeton Avenue for 1.3 miles, then turn right to merge onto CA-118 E. Remain on CA-118 E for 6.1 miles, then use exit 25 for Sycamore Drive. In 0.3 miles you’ll pass Maria’s Restaurant on your right; just after, turn left onto Sycamore Drive. After 0.4 miles on Sycamore Drive, turn right onto Alamo Street, and we’ll be on your right.

From the south, take US-101 N/Ventura Freeway to exit 43A for CA-23 N. In 0.9 miles, continue onto CA-23 N, which will become CA-118 E in 7.8 miles: you’ll pass Poly & Bark Outlet Store on your left immediately after. In 7.3 miles, take exit 25 for Sycamore Drive. Turn left onto Sycamore Drive in 0.3 miles, passing Beeps Diner right before you turn. Stay on Sycamore Drive for 0.4 miles, then turn right onto Alamo Street. We’ll be just ahead on your right.

Google Reviews

Kiana Beil
Kiana Beil
April 11, 2023
I had evo ICL surgery last week and Dr. Dougherty and his team were incredible! My first consultation appointment was in December, and Dr. Dougherty spent 30 minutes on the phone with my parents walking through options afterwards (we decided I’d go with evo ICL instead of LASIK due to my thin corneas and dry eyes). Dr. Dougherty made me feel truly looked after and comfortable! After my consultation I went out of town for a few months so I had to push back my surgery. Christina did an amazing job helping coordinate, arranging pre-op and post-op appointments, and getting me all the info I needed! The entire DLV team was so friendly, welcoming, and helpful. The procedure itself wasn’t painful (I just felt pressure) and the recovery was quick. I now have 20-15 vision and would highly recommend DLV vision to anyone looking to get any kind of eye procedure - they are absolutely incredible!! :)
d ya
d ya
February 2, 2023
I had a consultation via phone and they provided great service. They called my in advance and there was no wait time unlike other offices. They offered to give me much more information instead of sweeping it under the rug. I was informed about the risks and I feel much more comfortable about the procedure now that I know I’ll be in good hands. I plan on going forth with LASIK soon.
Steve O.
Steve O.
January 26, 2023
Made an appointment for the same day. They examined my eyes and put me at ease.
Michael Land
Michael Land
January 18, 2023
Dr Paul Dougherty did my LASIK recently, and I have to tell you...the experience was nothing short of exquisite. From beginning to end, he walked me through everything and it was seamless. Calm, cool, comfortable. Not to mention the staff made me feel right at home. I wouldn't trust my eyes with anyone else.
Dil Phagura
Dil Phagura
January 17, 2023
I was referred over to Dr. Doughtery for cross-linking procedure. His team is absolutely great and he always puts patient care first. He was very clear with communication and I am greatly to have worked with him. His staff member Christina Simental was absolutely great to work with and she really made the process easy for me to understand. Thank you very much for making it a great experience, Christina!
Natalie deMartino
Natalie deMartino
December 6, 2022
Dr. Dougherty and his team were very efficient and professional. Everyone was super helpful and great at answering questions. I am very happy with my LASIK results and experience here.
Maria A Garcia
Maria A Garcia
December 4, 2022
Went for an appointment recently loved the office environment. Staff was super friendly.

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