Testimonial: S.Z., O.D.

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Posted on Jan 3 in Doctor Testimonials

Dougherty Laser Vision is one of the most magnificent ophthalmology practices in the field! I recently had the pleasure of coming in to Dr. Dougherty as one of his patients for the ICL corrective procedure, and can only rave about the superb eyesight I have now!

I was very nearsighted, and for years I was interested in correcting my eyesight to get out of glasses and contact lenses. I had been to numerous ophthalmologists who were always on the fence regarding my visual quality with LASIK (which is a great procedure for those who qualify). I was one of those patients that would not be a straightforward candidate for LASIK because the quality of my vision may have suffered due to the high amount of myopia and astigmatism that was necessary to be treated, resulting in night time glare/halos and possible regression. I should make note here—that I am also in the eye field, and I would often go into my consultations with burgeoning questions about the potential side effects of the procedures. Oftentimes, many of the surgeons I had consulted with would not even mention the risks of performing LASIK with my prescription, until only after I had mentioned that I was well informed about it and wanted their opinion on whether I would be a qualified candidate knowing these risks existed. After consulting with a number of surgeons, some of whom were willing to perform the LASIK procedure on my eyes, with the compromise and realization that my vision may not be as sharp as I was accustomed to, I had almost given up on performing a vision corrective procedure and decided to remain in contact lenses.

That was, until I consulted with Dr. Dougherty. Dr. Dougherty was the ONLY doctor that was completely upfront and honest about my decision and what choices would be best suited for me. As an optometrist, and especially with my meticulous personality, my eyesight was supremely important to me. Dr. Dougherty realized that, and from the start told me that I would be a more suitable candidate for the ICL (implantable contact lens) to achieve the visual quality I desired. In fact, when I insisted that the ICL was outside of my realm of comfort, and I would only want to do LASIK, he persisted to back his belief with confidence which was bred out of the knowledge, research, and commitment to his profession. He said that if I want to do LASIK, I should see another surgeon because he would be unwilling to perform at a level that he thought was less than superior, and that his goal in serving patients is to provide them with the utmost exceptional care. This was in vast contrast to many of the other doctors I had interacted with. I must also add that I happen to work for an ophthalmologist who performs LASIK surgery, and had accessibility to have my eyes treated at the practice I work at. However, when it came to my particular procedure, I wanted to work with the most proficiently trained surgeon. Dr. Dougherty is involved in multiple FDA trails, and is always on the forefront of cutting edge technology. Furthermore, his dedication to educating his fellow colleagues is unique in the sense that he is always willing to grow and share knowledge, whether it is through continuing education for the optometric society, or donating his time and skill in mission work in various underserved communities. His reputation and qualifications speak for themselves, and the many satisfied patients that I have partaken in co-managing their eye care via his practice are testament to that fact.

I write this for you today, seeing 20/20 in both eyes! My surgical experience was extremely convenient. They even have a van for pick up and drop off to make surgery more accessible for patients who don’t have a ride to the office! The recovery was a breeze, and I went back to work the following Monday without a dent. The staff in particular was very helpful, organized, and proficient; from the front office, to back office, to the whole team of optometric and surgical technicians who paid thorough attention to detail and explained each procedure. As my nerves escalated on the day of the surgery, they helped allay my fears and treated me with warm generosity– like family. The staff is an excellent representation of Dr. Dougherty’s down to earth and empathetic nature. Dr. Dougherty even gave me his number to reach him prior to surgery if I had any questions, and personally contacted me after surgery to follow up. Although he is known to be the “doctor’s doctor”, I was most impressed to find out that he does this for EVERY patient and noted that each patient that walks through their door is treated as VIP!

I can only end by saying that I am extremely grateful to Dougherty Laser Vision and sincerely thank them for the blessing of sight!