Testimonial: Dr. Tim Trinh, O.D., F.A.A.O.

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Posted on Jan 3 in Doctor Testimonials

As a private practice optometrist, patient satisfaction is one of the utmost importance for our continued success. When I decide to work with another practitioner, whether it is a lid specialist, retinal specialist I am always cautious. We want the best. Let’s face it, who you refer your patient to reflects upon your reputation and character. A referral doctor is an extension of you and needs to have the same philosophies and ethics that you carry.

Working with Paul Dougherty over the past two years has allowed me to see how dedicated an individual can be towards their profession. Just as how I have a passion for my profession and love for my patients, Paul demonstrates that from a surgeons stand point. He lives and breathes his role as a refractive surgeon. Patients have noted consistently that they are grateful that he personally calls them after their surgeries to make sure they are doing well.

Relationships go well if everything is fine and dandy, but if you run into a problem you want to know that who you are working is dedicated to making things right. We have worked with Paul on dozens of patients and the majority of them go fairly smoothly. However, when there is a complication he goes above and beyond to ensure a positive outcome. He was even in on Thanksgiving Day to see his post operative patients for follow ups and has been readily available for emergencies regardless of times. You wonder if the guy sleeps. He is readily available for a text message and is always open to feedback and works to make sure that your patients are ALWAYS well taken care of.

As far as skill level goes, he is possibly one of the most skilled surgeons and is always on the cutting edge technology. Since working with him he has implemented dropless cataract surgery which has increased our surgical outcome, simplified our co-management care and improved patient satisfaction. Needless to say, being on multiple FDA trials, his insight on developing technologies allows us to better educate patients about future technologies on the horizon and possible benefits. As far as faith in Paul as a surgeon, I have placed my own eyes in his hands and have been thankful for the vision he has provided me with the latest Topography Guided LASIK procedure.

Since undergoing the surgery myself and realizing the potential for great outcome, I have been able to better counsel and care for my patients with greater confidence. Needless to say, I fully endorse Paul as a great colleague, friend, and our trusted refractive surgeon. Thank you Paul for your continued dedication to our patients and your profession.