Testimonial: James Charles

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Posted on Aug 7 in Celebrity Testimonials

“I got LASIK surgery because I talked about this many times before – I was literally blind. My prescription was, I think like negative five, negative six something in the other eye, so I could barely see anything.

I was, you know, wearing contacts for the past several years, which is great obviously. They allowed me to see, but through wearing contacts, my eyes would always get really dry by the end of the day and there’s even a few times too where I went to different meet and greets or traveled and forgot my contacts and that was like the absolute worst thing that’s ever happened me.

My vision has always obviously been a huge, huge issue. So, I wanted to get LASIK, and I went to Dougherty Laser Vision here in California and had an absolutely amazing experience. They did the laser eye surgery, and the next day I literally woke up, and I can now see 20/20, which is absolutely insane.”