Testimonial: Dr. Michael Ross, O.D.

Posted on Jan 3 in Doctor Testimonials

I am a practicing optometrist in Camarillo. For over ten years I have referred my patients to Dougherty Laser vision center for cataract, and laser vision surgery including LASIK and PRK. I perform all the post-op follow up care for these patients. The precise and consistent vision results that Dr Paul Dougherty achieves is amazing.

During this past year I developed significant cataracts that required surgery. For me there was no other choice for a surgeon to operate on my eyes. I have worn glasses since I was was eight year old. I was never a good candidate for contacts or LASIK vision correction. The options for cataract surgery however offer opportunities to be eyeglass free. Dr. Dougherty sat down with me and discussed all the options that were appropriate for my particular case and then decided on a surgical plan.

I had my first eye done a month ago that provided me with perfect distance vision. I had my second eye done last week. My second eye had astigmatism so we decided to implant an astigmatism correcting lens which also focused my eye at near so I could work and read up close without any glasses. For the first time since age 8 I can work and play without glasses. The only glasses I now need are non-prescription sunglasses.

My entire experience at Dougherty Laser Vision was a joy and very professional. The staff all took very good care of me and treated me with compassion and professionalism.

Thank-you Dougherty Laser Vision for the wonderful care you have given to me and the hundreds of my patients you have cared for.