Testimonial: Christian Wilson, O.D.

Posted on Jan 3 in Doctor Testimonials

Dear Affiliate Doctors,I have worked closely with Dougherty Laser Vision for close to three years. During this period I have seen the fantastic results for LASIK, ICL, and Cataract patients that I have co-managed with Dr. Dougherty.

When I first heard about the Raindrop Corneal Inlay, I knew it would be the procedure for me. After close to eight years of dealing with the hassle of reading glasses, I am thrilled to announce today that I am 20/16 at distance and J1 at near only one day follow my Raindrop procedure. I can now read a book, see my cell phone, and I can even read the fine print of the bottle of proparicaine in the exam lane!

My procedure yesterday morning was painless and took less than five minutes. I went back to work THAT DAY and saw patients in the afternoon.

I am excited to say that with complete confidence, I recommend the Raindrop Corneal Inlay for any plano presbyope like myself. One day after the procedure, with no glasses, I can check the time, read my appointment book, see my computer, and drive without any glasses.

Thank you Dr. Dougherty and your fantastic team for helping me end the need for reading glasses.

Christain Wilson