Testimonial: Judy Fay – Cataract Surgery Patient

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Posted on Dec 11 in Patient Testimonials

I was urged by a friend to meet Dr. Dougherty when I was visiting in the area this past June.  At that time I visited with Dr. Dougherty about the possibility of multifocal lenses with laser OU to address my cataracts.  I returned home to Montana, gathered more information about various procedures and lenses and decided to have my cataract surgery with Dr. Dougherty in November.

I am currently three weeks post-surgery and am extremely pleased with my decision and with the surgery and care, I received at Dougherty Laser Vision.  My near and distance vision is corrected to 20/20.  I have dealt with halos around lights, indoors and out, but that effect is lessening with time.  I think I will get glasses to assist me with night vision and driving, though the halo effect at night has improved a great deal since my first week of recovery.

I had the experience of receiving care at all of Dr. Dougherty’s offices and surgery-centers:  Camarillo, Westlake Village, and Beverly Hills.  Dr. Dougherty’s staff orchestrated my appointments and procedures to assist me in minimizing expenses and time away from home.  Under Christina’s watchful care and with her organizational super-powers, I had my pre-op on a Monday in Camarillo, my first eye surgery on Tuesday in Westlake Village, a same-day post op, my second surgery in Beverly Hills on Wednesday, and a one-day post-op in Westlake Village on Thursday.  I returned to Montana on Thursday evening.  I am receiving follow-up care from my optometrist at home.  She has been impressed with the quality of vision I have and with the rapid and complete healing process I experienced.

I can say without exception I was met with caring professionals at every juncture.  From the front desk to the operating room and places in between, procedures were thoroughly explained, questions were answered, and concerns were met with gentle assurance.  I also received assistance and offers of assistance with my non-medical needs including coordinating housing and transportation.  Though I did not take advantage of the transportation provided, I was amazed that it was offered and available.

I was motivated to travel to California for my eye surgeries because I wasn’t able to receive the lenses and laser procedures available there in my home state.  I encourage anyone considering cataract surgery no matter where you live to see what Dougherty Laser Vision has to offer you.

My thanks and gratitude to Dr. Dougherty, Renata, Dr. Le, Christina H., Sarah and all of the members of the Dougherty Laser Vision Team.