Testimonial: Dr. J. Richard Rishko, O.D.

Posted on Jan 3 in Doctor Testimonials

I have been sending very satisfied patients to you for years, and I finally had the need to use an ophthalmologist personally. I have to say that I am glad I chose you, even though I refer to a number of other very good surgeons besides yourself. The entire experience from start to finish was wonderful and it was just like my patients have described to me. Your entire staff is friendly and knowledgeable with very little wait time.

As you are aware how important vision is to me as an optometrist, I could not waite to have someone extract the cataracts and improve my vision. The alternatives you have are numerous and I am extremely happy with my choice of an accommodating lens implant. It has given me a lot of flexibility even though I knew I would need reading glasses for fine print. I especially appreciate the time you took to show me the differences in the different options so I could make an educated decision on what lens implant to chose. I saw that you do this with other patients was well, while I was awaiting dilation I watched your staff help others the same way you helped me, so I know I was not receiving special treatment just because of my occupation.

Thank you again for your help in regaining my eyesight.”click to view Dr. Rishko’s letter”