What to Expect after LASIK Eye Surgery

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Recovery and Side Effects of LASIK Eye Surgery

Many people consider finding a LASIK surgeon to correct their vision problems. Prior to LASIK surgery, patients might be suffering from nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia) and astigmatism. LASIK eye surgery is the most common procedures performed to treat these conditions.

LASIK is a two-step procedure that involves reshaping your eye’s cornea to correct your vision. First, a thin flap is created out of corneal tissue by a femtosecond laser. The flap is lifted back, and then the cornea is reshaped with a cool excimer laser. The flap is returned into place where it heals naturally. There are no stitches involved, and the procedure lasts only about three minutes per eye! Many patients achieve 20/20 vision almost immediately following LASIK.

This procedure can seem too good to be true. When considering if it is the best option for them, many people have questions about the recovery time and side effects of the procedure. The LASIK surgeons at Dougherty Laser Vision are ready to answer your questions and put any fears to rest!

Downtime After LASIK Surgery

There is generally very little downtime following LASIK.  For most people, vision improves within one day, but doctors typically recommend 24-48 hours of rest following the procedure. Some patients report irritation, such as burning and itching sensations, during this time.

LASIK surgeons give these tips to patients following LASIK:

  • Keep your eyes closed for around four hours after surgery
  • Wear sunglasses or eye shields to protect your eyes
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes
  • Do not exercise for at least one week
  • Use eye drops, as instructed, to prevent dry eyes

You will not be able to drive home after your LASIK procedure. You will return to your doctor’s in a day or two for an initial check-up, where they will test your visual acuity and determine if it is safe for you to drive again. Overall, you could be back to work in 48 hours following eye surgery.

Will I feel pain after my eye surgery?

The most common pain patients report following surgery is a burning or itching sensation. Despite a laser being pointed into your eye to reshape your cornea, severe pain after LASIK surgery is not common. In fact, you are awake and alert during the procedure, and you should feel little to no pain even then, with the help of numbing eye drops. Many people choose LASIK because it is quick, relatively painless, and the results are typically incredible.

Weeks Following LASIK Surgery

For weeks following the procedure, your eye(s) will continue to heal. At this point you should be seeing more clearly, as most people achieve 20/20 vision as a result of surgery.

Your LASIK surgeon might limit your exercise or make-up use. Water sports and activities, like swimming and hot tubbing, should be avoided. Every eye is different, and your doctor will help develop a recovery plan that is best for you to avoid flap complication.

Does LASIK have any side effects?

Like any procedure, there are possible side effects and risks associated with corrective eye surgery. After LASIK, these side effects are most likely to occur during a 3-6 month healing period.

There are some potential side effects that might arise during your healing time, including:

  • Sensitivity to light
  • Infections
  • Night glare
  • Long-term dry eyes

These risks are low and easily treated if they do arise. You should continue to check in with your LASIK surgeon to track and treat any LASIK side effects.

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