Top 4 Reasons to Get LASIK This Summer

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woman trying on sunglasses
by Dougherty Laser Vision

Summer is finally here and we can’t think of a better time to invest in yourself and get LASIK.  LASIK surgery is incredibly quick, safe, painless and the short recovery means you’ll be enjoying your summer free from glasses and contacts in no time.

Here are our top 4 reasons to invest in LASIK this summer:

1.Relish the Opportunity to Shop for Non-Prescription Sunglasses

Tired of having to search for prescription sunglasses and not being able to take advantage of the latest styles and trends? After LASIK you’ll be able to ditch your prescriptions, clip-ons, and transition sunglasses.

2.Travel Lighter and Easier

At the top of everyone’s summer to-do list is taking that vacation you’ve been planning all year. For those who have to wear glasses and contacts, your packing list includes your glasses, backup glasses, contacts, cases, contact lens solution… The list goes on. If you opt for LASIK, you can spend less time worrying about packing or accidentally forgetting or breaking your glasses and ruining your trip.

3.Swim Anytime, Anywhere at a Moment’s Notice

Swimming with glasses? Not happening. Swimming with contact lenses? Should be absolutely avoided at all costs! Swimming after LASIK? As long as you’ve waited at least a week after surgery, you’re golden! Swim with clear vision at a moment’s notice and splash away.

4.Don’t Miss Out On a Single Summer Activity

Whether you’re playing football, tennis, baseball or just messing around in the backyard- You don’t have to worry about breaking your glasses or switching to contact lenses beforehand after LASIK.

Is This Your Summer for LASIK?

We’re ready to help you have the best summer possible. Call or schedule your complimentary LASIK consultation at one of our locations today.