Seeing Is Believing, By Dr. Paul Dougherty

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Dr. Dougherty Portrait
by Dougherty Laser Vision

Insight into why Dr. Dougherty does what he does, Seeing Is Believing

Giving thousands of people the gift of sight has been a dream of mine that I’ve been fortunate to live out. Beyond performing daily surgeries and examining patients, I also travel the world teaching eye surgeons the latest techniques in vision correction.

The field of refractive surgery is an extraordinary and quickly evolving field. Over the years eye care has taken leaps and bounds, but now more than ever can patients achieve the vision they’ve always “envisioned”—excellent sight with less dependence on glasses and contact lenses. I am thrilled at the progress in my profession, but I have never been more excited than I am now. In addition to my interest in laser vision correction, my current expertise is in the latest frontier of vision correction—lens implants.

Dr. Dougherty treats your eyes as if they are his own!

The quality of vision with lens implants is superior to all other procedures because it maintains the natural optical system of the eye. I have studied and practiced various surgical techniques, and upon personally assessing a patient’s needs, I know what is best for each patient. As I have years of experience in each of the different types of surgery, I am able to recommend what is best for the patient, not necessarily what is easiest for the doctor. I tell each of my patients, “I am treating your eyes as if they were my own.” LASIK has helped many, but it is the best option for only about half of vision correction candidates. At moderate to high levels of treatment, LASIK cannot compare with the optical performance of the new lens implants that I have helped develop.

Most new patients hear about me through a personal referral, yet often the first step in the journey to better vision is a visit to my website to learn about my background and Dougherty Laser Vision’s unique breadth of services. On our YouTube page is a video archive of my latest TV news and reality series appearances and patient testimonials. I have also included dynamic reviews of my various procedures, research activities, and patient testimonials. There’s also an overview of the unsurpassed refractive surgery technology employed at Dougherty Laser Vision as well as additional new stories.

My goal is to provide potential patients with educational resources to make a wise decision in protecting one of their most valuable and irreplaceable assets—their eyes.