Powerful Careers That Trust Lasik

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by Dougherty Laser Vision

For some people, corrected eyesight is a matter of convenience. For others, it’s the only way to make day-to-day life possible. For those in some of the most important jobs in the world, good eyesight is often the difference between life and death.

These five powerful professions rely on perfect vision to do their jobs properly. Here’s why they trust LASIK eye treatment over anything else to give them that perfect vision.


While being a lifeguard might not strike you as a powerful profession, the simple truth is that our country’s coast and waterways would be a much more dangerous place without these men and women. They save approximately 100,000 people in America from drowning each year,1 and it’s only thanks to keen eyesight that they can manage to do so.

Glasses simply aren’t an option if you’re diving into the surf to rescue someone and, likewise, all it takes is for one wave to dislodge a contact lens and make their already risky job much more difficult. LASIK is by far the best option for clear vision in any rough conditions.

The Military

Most divisions of the military that see combat during active duty require personnel to have good eyesight. The reasons for this are obvious: During battle, you need to be able to recognize danger, rely on your vision to make split-second decisions, and process targets correctly. Without perfect eyesight, you’re a liability not only to you but to everyone around you.

Thankfully, LASIK is approved for use in the military by the Department of Defense. In fact, after several studies performed by the DoD, it has become the preferred method of vision correction for active personnel, especially for night operations and extreme conditions like high winds, sand, dust, and smoke.

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The Air Force and Commercial Pilots

The U.S. Air Force also started approving the use of LASIK in 2007,2 making it one of the most visually demanding professions in the world to trust this advanced vision technology. Air Force pilots have to operate and land complicated machines in incredibly tricky situations, and they rely on precise eyesight at all times.

Commercial pilots also trust LASIK to get themselves and millions of passengers safely across the world every single day. Although they could wear glasses or contact lenses, many pilots prefer LASIK for its total reliability in pressure situations.

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Many children grow up dreaming of being an astronaut. Thanks to LASIK, even those with near-sightedness can join this unique and highly respected career. While glasses can be incompatible with spacesuits or helmets—and can be a hazard if they come loose—LASIK is both approved and trusted by NASA as a highly effective alternative.

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Although surgeons don’t have to deal with potential impacts or work in an environment full of irritants, custom LASIK correction still has several distinct advantages over the use of glasses or contact lenses. The first is that glasses can still obscure vision, especially peripheral vision or if they fog up, which can cause problems in a surgical setting.

Secondly, some glasses and contact lenses slightly affect the scale and depth of objects in the process of sharpening the image. In normal day-to-day usage, you wouldn’t really notice this, but when you’re working with the intricacies of the human body, even a millimeter’s difference could be vital. LASIK doesn’t have this problem, which is why it’s highly preferred for both near- or far-sighted surgeons.

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Why Trust Lasik?

The one common thing between all of these professions is that without excellent eyesight they simply couldn’t do their job. While corrective eyewear does provide an adequate solution in many cases, for these respected men and women the risks are just unacceptable.

When perfect vision is vital, it’s important you choose a technology—and a clinic—you can trust. To discover the Dougherty Laser Vision difference and get a free consultation, fill out a LASIK screening questionnaire online or call (805) 422-7939 today.


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