Looking For An Eye Surgeon? Tips To Look For

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by Dougherty Laser Vision

Choosing the right laser eye surgeon in Ventura and Los Angeles Counties

We understand there may be hesitation when it comes to vision correction, with the latest in technological advances I can tell you laser vision correction surgery has never been safer. That being said, keep in mind that there are thousands of surgeons to choose from, how do you know you’ve chosen the right surgeon? Remember that laser eye surgery requires someone with experience, training and a very high degree of skill. The field of laser vision correction changes rapidly and there continue to be many advances that have made LASIKcataract surgery and laser eye surgery safer for patients.

Where Do You Start Looking?

Research, research and research. Do your homework, there are many websites online other than the surgeons website where you can get an accurate assessment of the surgeon you have chosen. Make sure you have been diagnosed correctly, there are many options to laser eye surgery, LASIK just happens to be the most notable. Look at your surgeons status with the American Board of Ophthalmology, check credentials, read about his or her experience. Look online at consumer sites such as Healthgrades or Vitals, find out if they participate in study groups, how long have they been practicing, how many surgeries they have performed. Are they specialist in the type of procedure you’ve been diagnosed for?

Cost Of Surgery

Do not let this dictate your decision on laser eye surgery or vision correction. Remember, sometimes you pay for what you get. You can find many discounted or  bottom based prices for your surgery. Often times the surgeon may not be using the latest and safest technology. Keep in mind that these deep discounted surgery centers often use this entry level price to get you in the door and try to upsell you on another more expensive procedure. When it comes to cost of your surgery, don’t base your decision on this. Meet your surgeon, see what he or she has to saw and take the next step from there.

Meet Your Surgeon

Most surgery centers offer a free consultation, while this will take time out of your day, remember we’re discussing your eye site. Make the extra effort to make the appointment and get to know your surgeon. Ask them the difficult questions you have, if they are not up front and truthful with you, you can make the decision to see someone else. Do your due diligence prior to choosing your surgeon.

Be Comfortable

Remember this is an important decision, this is your vision. Be comfortable with your decision.

Dougherty Laser Vision has performed thousands of surgeries, Dr. Paul Dougherty personally has been involved with multiple studies in his field and is considered by other surgeons to be The Doctors Doctor. If you’re thinking of laser vision correction, contact us today to book a free consultation at one of our 3 Southern California locations.