iStent Now Available at Dougherty Laser Vision

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by Dougherty Laser Vision

iStent Now Available at Dougherty Laser Vision

Metal blade for insentDougherty Laser Vision—located in the Los Angeles area—is proud to announce that we now perform the revolutionary iStent surgical procedure for patients with high eye pressure.

iStent is an extremely small medical device that helps lower eye pressure permanently. The device works by improving the natural outflow of the eye, allowing fluids to escape through the trabecular meshwork. The iStent can be used with any lens including cataract lenses that reduce dependency for glasses (Multifocal, Toric, Softec HD, Etc) and any of our packages.

The iStent has gained a lot of publicity as the smallest medical device to ever be approved by the FDA. During cataract surgery, the device can be placed within your eye to permanently aid in the reduction of eye pressure. The device is so small that it does not bother you nor can you see it.

Another reason that the iStent is becoming so popular so fast is that it doesn’t limit your vision treatment options in the future. If you get an iStent, that doesn’t mean that other procedures will not be able to be performed in the future.

iStent is for patients with combined cataract and open-angle glaucoma. If you think that iStent might be right for you, contact Dougherty Laser Vision to begin a consultation. The treatment is not right for all patients but can be a huge help to those that qualify.

If you have high eye pressure, you most likely take a number of eye drops to control the condition. iStent can help you safely maintain optimal pressure levels in your eyes. Maintaining safe pressure levels in your eyes is a good way to avoid the risk of vision loss associated with glaucoma. iStent helps you stay within these safe levels as it constantly allows the proper circulation of fluids.

If you’re interested in the iStent device and are near Beverly HillsCamarillo, or Westlake VillageContact Us Today! We have offices in these three locations to help you with all your vision correction services. We can answer all your questions about the device, the procedure, and whether or not you’re a good candidate.