September 4, 2023

Dry Eye Symptoms after LASIK

Dry Eye Treatment in Los Angeles, CA

Since it was first introduced, LASIK surgery has changed the landscape of vision correction, offering individuals the chance to enjoy clear eyesight without needing to rely on eyeglasses or contact lenses, and advancements in the procedure have made LASIK more effective — and accessible — than ever before. Despite these innovations, there is a chance that some patients can have improved vision, but still experience dry eye symptoms following their LASIK surgery.

Dry eye is a common, yet uncomfortable condition where eyes are either not producing enough tears or are producing low-quality tears. Though there are a few potential root causes of dry eye, and they all share similar symptoms, including causing eyes to feel dried out, itchy, scratchy, irritated, and red-looking. While there are aspects of LASIK surgery that can exacerbate dry eye symptoms, the team at DLV Vision is at the forefront of addressing the issue with innovative treatments to relieve symptoms and ensure a comfortable recovery after your LASIK eye surgery. Since there are many different underlying issues causing dry eye symptoms after LASIK, DLV Vision uses a range of treatment options. Here are the five main procedures we use to keep your eyes hydrated and vision clear:


LipiFlow® is an incredible option that’s used to address meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD) when it’s the root cause of dry eye symptoms. Meibomian glands produce the oil component of tears, which keeps them from evaporating too quickly and dehydrating your eyes. DLV Vision offers LipiFlow®, a non-invasive procedure where our professionals apply controlled warmth and pressure to the eyelids, which only feels like a gentle massage. LipiFlow® unclogs blocked glands, restoring their proper function and relieving dry eye symptoms.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

For LASIK patients with dry eye caused by inflammation and MGD, DLV Vision offers intense pulsed light (IPL) treatment. IPL treatment targets the blood vessels responsible for inflammation on your eyelid’s surface, delivering ultra-concentrated and controlled bursts of light. This light energy helps reduce inflammation and encourages healthy tear production, all in a quick and pain-free outpatient procedure.


If a patient’s post-LASIK dry eye is caused by bacterial biofilm, BlephEx® is a revolutionary treatment to not only eliminate their symptoms, but also improve their eye health. BlephEx® uses an ultra-fine microsponge to gently exfoliate and cleanse the eyelids — removing debris, bacteria, and biofilm that can contribute to dry eye symptoms. This painless procedure not only alleviates dry eye discomfort but also promotes healthier tear film production and eyelid hygiene, allowing patients to enjoy improved eye comfort and clarity.

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Optase Products Kits

The Optase products kit, offered by DLV Vision, provides patients with a solution to handle dry eye symptoms from blepharitis or MGD at home and uses a three-step process (HEAT, CLENSE, and HYRDRATE). These kits include a hydrating spray, lid wipes, and a warming eye mask, all made with natural materials and ingredients, and all crafted to work together to improve tear quality, relieve discomfort, and maintain optimal eye health between visits.

PRN Omega-3 Supplements

Nutrition plays a vital role in maintaining overall eye health, and there are natural supplements that can reduce or even eliminate some dry eye symptoms, like omega-3, which is commonly found in fish oil. DLV Vision proudly offers PRN (Physician Recommended Nutriceuticals®) omega-3 supplements, which are free of toxins and alcohol and specifically formulated to support tear production and reduce inflammation. These omega-3 supplements are absorbed by your body approximately three times better than standard store-bought fish oil!

DLV Vision Won’t Let Dry Eye Hold Back LASIK Patients

The experts at DLV Vision provide complete care for LASIK surgery patients and will address any potential dry eye symptoms after the procedure. If you’ve recently undergone LASIK or are considering it, don’t let concerns over dry eye symptoms keep you from the clear vision of your dreams — trust the team at DLV Vision to improve and maintain your vision while always keeping your comfort and quality of like in mind. Schedule your consultation at any of our convenient locations, and take the first steps towards enhanced eyesight, without dry eye issues.