FDA Approves Raindrop Presbyopic Inlay

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Raindrop Inlays now FDA Approved
by Dougherty Laser Vision

FDA approves implantable device that changes the shape of the cornea to correct near vision.

On June 29th, the Raindrop Presbyopic Inlay after FDA approval will be offered at Dougherty Laser Vision, the first and leading implanter in California. This new technology provides an exciting NEW option for patients over 40 who are tired of dealing with reading glasses.

Quick and Comfortable – Regain Your Near Vision!

The Raindrop Presbyopic Inlay is a small device implanted in the cornea. It is a quick and comfortable
procedure with rapidly recover and excellent outcomes. Once in place, the Raindrop improves the near vision we start to lose in our 40s due to a condition known as presbyopia while preserving good distance vision. Dougherty Laser Vision has been part of the FDA Clinical Trials in the development of the Raindrop Corneal Inlay. We are excited to finally be able to offer the technology to our patients.

To learn more about the Raindrop procedure or to TRY IT during a FREE Consultation call Dougherty Laser Vision at 805-422-7939, e-mail us at info@doughertylaservision.com, or go to our website at www.doughertylaservision.com

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