Face Masks and Eyeglasses: 6 Tips to Stop Your Glasses from Fogging Up

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caucasian woman wearing face mask
by Dougherty Laser Vision

As more and more people start to venture out amid the COVID-19 crisis, many places have implemented mandatory face masks to be worn in public spaces, at doctor’s offices, retail stores, and other businesses. We’re not here to debate whether masks should or should not be worn.

Rather, we want to talk about face masks and eyeglasses and what you can do to help stop your glasses from fogging up.

Tip #1: Wear Contact Lenses

One viable option is to wear your contact lenses instead of glasses. Since the contacts sit on the eye, there is nothing to fog up. Just make sure to wash your hands with soap and water before touching your contacts and face.

Tip #2: Check the Fit of Your Face Mask

Part of the problem with fogging is the warm air we exhale is being directed upward, which is good, but not so much if you wear glasses. By adjusting the mask’s straps, you can make the mask fit more securely around the nose and reduce fogging.

Tip #3: Tape the Mask to Your Face

While using tape on your face may not sound like the best choice, it does help keep the mask securely fitted to your nose and cheeks to stop fogging. Just about any type of tape will work fine. However, we don’t recommend using duct tape since it can be quite uncomfortable when removing the tape.

Tip #4: Spray Your Glasses With an Anti-fogger

There are a few different anti-fogger products on the market that can be used to prevent fogging for a period of time. If you have added features to your glasses like transitions, anti-smudge, anti-glare, etc., then anti-fogger products may not work or could remove these added coatings.

Tip #5: Rinse the Glasses in Soapy Water

One home remedy that seems to be effective for short periods is to rinse your glasses in warm soapy water. You want to allow the glasses to air dry so there is a soapy coating left on the lenses. You can remove water spots with a soft cloth. Soap works since it leaves a film on the glasses that is resistant to fogging. Yet, you will need to reapply the soap once its effects start to diminish.

Tip #6: Get Laser Eye Surgery

surgeon operating eye of female patient using surgical microscope

If you want to avoid the hassles of glasses and contacts altogether, the best solution to stop fogging is to get laser eye surgery. Today, there are several different corrective laser surgery options besides LASIK. Even if you were told in the past you were not a candidate for corrective vision surgery, chances are there is an option for you today.

In cases where LASIK, PRK, SMILE, or other procedures are not right for you, you can always opt for Visian Toric ICL (implantable contact lens) surgery. This procedure installs a permanent contact lens into the eye to provide clear vision.

You can even get a Visian lens that addresses both farsightedness and nearsightedness vision problems!

If you are tired of trying to stop your glasses from fogging up, now is the perfect time to schedule a telehealth or in-office consultation appointment at Dougherty Laser Vision to learn more about your laser eye surgery options by calling (805) 864-5448 today!

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