Dropless Cataract Surgery now available at Dougherty Laser Vision!

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by Dougherty Laser Vision

If you’re in the Ventura County or Los Angeles region, join us at Dougherty for the safest cataract surgery yet!

Dougherty Laser Vision is now offering Dropless Cataract Surgery to all of our patients in CamarilloWestlake VillageBeverly Hills and surrounding areas.

Dropless Cataract Surgery lowers both the cost and the risk of infection of normal cataract surgery.

Dropless Cataract Surgery is a revolutionary new technique that makes the already safe and effective cataract surgery even better. Dropless means that the patient is no longer required to use postoperative eye drops to combat inflammation and infection.

With Dropless surgery, after the cataract is removed and the intraocular lens is in place, a solution containing several different drugs is injected into the eye’s vitreous humour via existing incisions. The solution consists of anti-inflammatory and antibacterial drugs.

The drugs are time-released, working to combat inflammation and infection over the course of the body’s regular healing period. This allows the patient to avoid using topical eye drops altogether.

The result is a reduction in rate of infection down to only 1 in 30,000.

Cataract surgery has made some great advances over the years, but it’s always struggled with regard to one thing: postoperative eye drops.

The current treatment regimen for anti-inflammatory, antibacterial topical eye drops is 2+ drops a day for anywhere up to 4 weeks. The patient is required to complete the regimen on their own, as coming back in to the office isn’t feasible.

Unfortunately, there are many problems with this regimen. Patients often forget how many drops they’ve used in a day, incorrectly dose the drops, or simply don’t use them.

The result of these things is a higher risk of postoperative infection, putting patients at risk and jeopardizing the effectiveness of the cataract surgery.

If you’re in need of cataract surgery, Dougherty Laser Vision can help with the latest cutting-edge techniques and technologies. Find us at one of our 3 Southern California eye surgery centers; CamarilloWestlake Village Beverly Hills or call us at (866) 987-2020