Common Laser Eye Surgery Myths: Astigmatism Cannot Be Corrected

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by Dougherty Laser Vision

Have you been told you can’t have vision correction surgery because you have an Astigmatism?

This is simply not true. Virtually any level of astigmatism can safely and effectively be corrected with multiple vision correction technologies including LASIK surgeryPRK, Vista Vision ICL with limbal relaxing incisions, and toric IOLs. Astigmatic LASIK is highly successful and has been FDA approved for over a decade. While highly successful, the necessity of correcting astigmatism at the time of LASIK does slightly increase the risk of enhancement surgery (retreatment) and the risk of night glare/halo compared to nearsighted LASIK. Compared to toric (astigmatic-treating)soft lenses, which often rotate and blur, most patients prefer the vision they get after vision correction surgery to their toric contacts.

If you have an Astigmatism and are looking to laser eye surgery, contact us to schedule your FREE refractive eye exam.

Dr. Paul J. Dougherty

Medical Director – Dougherty Laser Vision