Common Eye Surgery Misconceptions, I Am Too Old For Vision Correction Surgery

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Elderly woman undergoing eye examination
by Dougherty Laser Vision

I am Too Old to Have Vision Correction Surgery?

Just like the dog that isn’t too old to learn a new trick or two, no one is too old for vision correction surgery. The oldest patient I have done LASIK/PRK on is eighty-eight; the oldest I have perfomed ICL on is sixty-six; and the oldest I have performed lensectomy/IOL on is—are you ready for this?—103. In my practice, more mature patients are just as happy after surgery as my younger patients! The main issue affecting the vision correction candidacy of older patients is whether or not they have cataracts. I closely screen for cataracts in anyone age forty-five or older. If I determine that you have any level of cataract, then the procedure that I would recommend for you would be lensectomy (cataract surgery) with an IOL to correct your vision. The beauty of being diagnosed with a cataract is that your non-HMO medical insurance will help pay for the vision correction surgery and make the price of one of
the newer premium IOLs more in line with the costs of LASIK surgery.

No One is Too Old for Vision Correction Surgery!

If you’ve heard that you’re too old for vision correction, contact us for a second opinion.

Paul J. Dougherty M.D.
Dougherty Laser Vision