Comedian T.J. Miller’s Hilarious Ode to Dr. Paul Dougherty

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Comedian TJ Miller
by Dougherty Laser Vision

Did you know? One of comedy’s fastest-rising stars, T.J. Miller once penned an ode to our very own Dr. Paul Dougherty.

The star, known for his recent roles in HBO’s ‘Silicon Valley’ and box-office hit ‘Deadpool’ dedicated the song ‘Dr. Dougherty’ off of his 2011 ‘The Extended Play EP’ from Comedy Central Records.

Miller received Lasik eye surgery from Dr. Dougherty a few years before the song was released.

Dr. Dougherty, y’all. / That’s my eye surgeon. / Dopest eye surgeon in L.A., maybe in the world, y’all.

Besides being extremely happy with the results of his own eye surgery, Miller was inspired by Dr. Dougherty’s abundant philanthropic efforts.

Dude doesn’t just fix vision, he’s a visionary / He’s a missionary on a mission (dare he?)
Try to fix the eyes of the ladies and the guys / Glasses are out this year they’ve been out since July

Dr. Dougherty is the founder of The Andrew Dougherty Vision Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to providing pro-bono high-quality vision correction surgery and medical care to homeless individuals in the United States and patients who have been devastated by war and natural disasters in Palestine, Lebanon, and Haiti.

Listen to the humorous ballad below: