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The New Light Adjustable Lens by RxSight

RxSight’s new Light Adjustable Intra-ocular Lens (LAL) is the only system on the market that can react to a UV light and in turn make small adjustments to the intra-ocular lens (IOL) power after a patient has had cataract surgery. This highly advanced feature may allow patients to have even better vision without glasses and contacts after surgery without the need for laser vision correction. This lens is implanted like every other IOL, so the surgical technique is already well known to the surgeon.

Make Adjustments Sooner

With an IOL, there is a subset of patients who end up with small amounts of nearsightedness, farsightedness and/or astigmatism because of variable healing of the capsule that holds the lens in place and/or variable healing of the surgical incision. Unlike traditional IOL’s that may require laser vision correction 3 months after surgery to adjust the vision, the LAL power may be adjusted with a few simple ultraviolet light treatments in the first few weeks or months after surgery.

Patients go back to their doctor three or four times after the initial surgery to receive the UV light treatments that slowly reshapes the LAL over time. During this whole process, the patient must wear ultraviolet protecting eyewear to protect the LAL.

Improved Vision Accuracy Over Traditional IOL

In the clinical study, LAL patients said they saw an improvement of one line of vision without glasses during the first six months after the light treatments compared to traditional IOL patients. The LAL patients also had a better final vision correction accuracy than traditional IOL patients.

Downsides unique to the LAL include the multiple follow-ups at your doctor’s office for prescription measurement and ultraviolet treatments as well as the requirement to wear ultraviolet-protecting glasses until the LAL power is locked in. The alternative to the LAL is a traditional IOL where the power may be adjusted with a single treatment with laser vision correction 3 months after the initial surgery.

Get to Know the Light Adjustable Intra-Ocular Lens

Learn more about the Light Adjustable Intra-ocular Lens (LAL) and the traditional Intra-ocular Lens (IOL) from the experts at Dougherty Laser Vision. Call or schedule a free consultation online today and start on your path to better vision.