What Your Options Are For LASIK With Your Prescription.

This is a question I have asked often…will my prescription eliminate me as a candidate for LASIK? There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to LASIK and laser eye surgery as a matter of fact. Here we’ll educate you on the options you have with a low or high prescription.

My prescription is too low to have surgery

This is another common misnomer. Any patient with any prescription who is dependent on glasses or contacts to see is a candidate for surgery. Just because the prescription is low does not eliminate you as a candidate. Only you can be the judge; if you are happy with your vision without glasses or contacts, there is no need for surgery. In my own personal case, I had a very low prescription in my right eye before my LASIK (-1.00 diopters). Despite this low prescription, I constantly wore glasses or contacts to improve my vision. My decision to have LASIK was one of the wisest choices I have ever made in my life.

My prescription is too high to have surgery

With modern technology, virtually any prescription can be corrected, including extremely high prescriptions. The average patient (meaning nearsighted) I perform LASIK on is 3.00 diopters. For high prescriptions, lens surgery (ICL or IOL) is a much better alternative than LASIK/PRK. I recently performed ICL surgery followed three months later by PRK on a patient from Turkey who had a prescription of -23.00 diopters. Every surgeon told her that she saw in her native country that there was nothing that could be done for her vision other than contact lenses, which constantly moved and blurred because of her unusually steep corneas. After her surgery, she saw better in each eye than she ever had with glasses or contacts! Another example: I recently performed a successful vision correction surgery on a woman who was -27.00 diopters in her only eye, which also had a cataract!
Because of her huge prescription, she needed a minus (reverse) power IOL with implantation of an ICL at the same surgery because she needed a minus power IOL higher than what is manufactured by any company. Proof positive that no prescription is too high for current lens technology.

As you can see, you have options no matter what your prescription is. To find out for sure, contact of our three locations to schedule a FREE consultation.