July is Global Vision Correction Month!

This July, DLV Vision is celebrating Global Vision Correction Month! This month of July marks 20 years since the FDA Advisory Panel recommended LASIK eye surgery for approval for vision correction, and just like any technology, the evolution of the procedure has been extraordinary. To celebrate this milestone, we’re excited to offer the opportunity to win FREE refractive eye surgery to correct your vision problems permanently.

Many people confuse “vision correction” with glasses and contact lenses. They are not aware of the permanent solutions available to improve their vision problems. Dr. Dougherty is highly experienced in lens-based vision correction techniques & technologies and is dedicated to improving the quality of life for people in the US & around the world through vision correction.

Enter to Win Free Refractive Surgery from DLV Vision!

Spreading awareness about these advanced treatment options is just one of the goals during Global Vision Correction Month. By spreading this awareness, we believe that it can have a positive impact all over the world. Better vision can lead to better education and job opportunities across the globe!

If you suffer from poor or failing vision, we have the perfect opportunity for you to improve your lifestyle and quit glasses or contact lenses — forever. We are offering two individuals free vision correction surgery. To enter, send a video through the form on this below:

What is the Refractive Surgery Alliance (RSA)?

Dr. Dougherty is a proud member of the Refractive Surgery Alliance (RSA). The RSA is a global professional organization of leading eye surgeons who work together to increase the access and availability of quality refractive surgery to all patients. The members share a passion for vision correction procedures and refractive surgery. In fact, many members elect to have laser vision correction on themselves. They are leaders in their field and have been carefully selected & approved by the RSA Executive Board.