Andrew Oxenham is a photographer and social media campaign creator that has found freedom with Visian ICL. Andrew had his ICL surgery performed by Dr. Paul Dougherty at Dougherty Laser Vision.

Andrew Oxenham
ICL Patient

“I’m looking forward to being able to drive and see everything clearly. It makes me happy to know that. Dr. Dougherty, thank you for what you do to help thousands of people. I’ve read your literature and you’ve done over 35,000 eye operations! You’re a very amazing man. Thank you Dr. Dougherty.”

Sally Shumaker
Cataract Surgery Patient

David is now free of glasses and contacts after wearing glasses for 28 years!

“The next day I woke up and my vision was already 20/25. Which was a big improvement and the first time I could wake up and not have to put on glasses.”

David Bennett
Surgical Technician at Dougherty Laser Vision
LASIK patient

“I would highly recommend to anyone considering any sort of LASIK… SMILE Is definitely the way to go!”

Maria Barragan
Surgical Technician at Dougherty Laser Vision
SMILE patient

“Wow!! Highly recommended! From the moment I walk into the office of Dougherty Laser Vision, I was greeted with smiles and superior customer service from all team members. The offices are clean and very well kept in addition to being run in a timely fashion. I had the PRK monovision surgery and…. drum roll…… after 2 weeks, I am happy to report that I have 20/20 vision.

As a school teacher I can now SEE clearly from the back of the classroom. I am grateful for my experience with Dr. Paul Dougherty and Renata, they are stellar human beings that authentically care about their patients.

I gave everyone a copy of my yoga album and everyone appreciated the gift. I even received thank you emails from the team. 🙂

In gratitude,

David Kemp
Bilingual Teacher
PRK patient

Scott Warren
ICL Surgery

Watch Lacey Piper go through the entire LASIK process.

Lacey Piper
LASIK Patient

17-year-old high school student, Jesus Alferes, and Dougherty Laser Vision ICL patient shares his one week post-op experience!

Jesus Alferes
ICL Patient

Liz Adams
RLE patient

Raymond Curtis
Airplane Mechanic
Raindrop Corneal Inlay

MistyRose Lopez
Front Desk
LASIK Patient

Dr. Dougherty and his team ROCK!! After wearing Contact Lens for 45 years I made the decision to go with the brand new Symfony IOL lenses and couldn’t be happier. Don’t put this off any longer if you are considering this. My experience from the very warm receptionists, the patient counselor Ilyce, Dr. Vida, the surgical team and of course Dr. Dougherty’s expertise was all top notch. It has been a great life changing experience. Call them today to set up your appointment.

Link Wilson
Founder of Compulink,
Ophthalmic Electronic Healthcare Records System

After 20+ years of glasses, I decided I was ready for LASIK. Today, I have 20/20 vision and couldn’t be happier. Dr Dougherty is hands down the best in the business

Deborah Summers

Dr. Dougherty with eye patient

I’ve had LASIK done a few weeks ago and I love it. Dr. Dougherty and his staff were the best. They treating me absolutely amazing and I see 20/15. I’m so glad I made this decision. Thank you Dougherty and his staff such amazing people.

Terri Samudio

Keith Kelsey
Owner of Kelsey See Canyon Vineyards
LASIK Patient

Rabie Abasi
LASIK Patient

Adam Hughes
LASIK Patient

I had glasses since I remember myself. Dr Dougherty and his team were able to eliminate the need for glasses and it wasn’t an easy task at all. I have been looking for the last 10 years for a solution for my condition and I looked very hard. Right now I see 20/20 without glasses and that is a week after my surgery was completed. I couldn’t have asked for anything better.
My procedure wasn’t an easy task and it was done perfectly. I must say this is my eyes I am dealing with and through out the whole process I had my concerns, the staff of Dr Dougherty knew how to put me at ease and make me go through this process with least stress and great assurance. Some things in life are priceless and my vision is one of them. Dr Dougherty job is priceless and I thank him and his staff for the work they did. If you need your vision fixed this is the only place to go to.


Absolutely phenomenal service and treatment. Beautiful location pairs with a staff that focuses on great customer service.

I was treated with respect, dignity, and compassion from beginning to end here. Dr. Dougherty was friendly, professional and had a great…. I’d like to say bedside manner, however my treatment was so quick that bedside is the wrong way to state it. Chairside? After the treatment they were very efficient making sure both I and the person I brought with me knew exactly how I should proceed with my recovery.

If I could suggest one thing in regards to taking care of and enhancing the health of your eyes, it would be to see Dr. Paul Dougherty. It’s the smart thing to do for your future.

Travis V.
San Luis Obispo

From the moment walking through the doors I felt welcomed and taken care of. The ladies at the reception desk were so kind and sweet. The office was gorgeous and had beverages and homemade cookies if u were having a bit of a sweet tooth as I started my appointment all the men and women that did test on me before my LASIK were incredible. They talked to me like a friend or family member, I could honestly feel that they not only love what they do but they take pride in making the patient comfortable. Doctor Paul Dougherty was my surgeon for this huge transition and constantly throughout the process he would take time to come and check and see how I was feeling and check my charts. He was so kind and gentle I was really assured I was in the right hands. As it got closer to game time I started to get nervous but once I laid down in the surgery room doctor Paul was so communicative I was able to relax and understand what was happening and about to happen. After we were all done I left the office with 20/20 vision!! I had never been so happy! Doctor Dougherty And his team are the absolute best and I would recommend them to anyone!! the gift of sight is a beautiful thing in itself but to experience that with caring loving people made such a difference that I am forever grateful for!

Lauren T.

Dr. Dougherty, There is no gift I will receive this Christmas that will be close to the one you gave me in August. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thanked you for my eyesight, I can’t believe it myself. It is a gift I notice & appreciate every day. God blessed you in giving you this gift. Be proud.

Pat Kubach

Dear Dr. Dougherty & Staff: I simply want to go on record as being eternally grateful to you, not only for the courtesy extended to me through our daughter Cindy, but for the incredible and unbelievable results of my right eye laser surgery! ! You and your entire staff, from the front desk to the Surgery were always very professional, thorough, and knowledgeable, and made me feel totally at ease about what to expect. I am still shaking my head in disbelief at the improvement, especially since wearing thick lenses since High School some sixty years ago. For example, I worked my first four hour volunteer shift at the hospital, running steady errands without my glasses, and didn’t miss them whatsoever. Then we sat through a movie at the theater, and later marveled when I realized I had read the dinner check across the table without the benefit of glasses. Anyway, just want you to know your expertise is very much appreciated, and I thank you again, and again!

Shirley Sharpe

My name is Bas Rutten and I am a professional fighter. I am the three time undefeated King of Pancrase and the undefeated UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) Heavyweight Champion. These are No Hold Barred fight organizations. I ALWAYS lost my contacts during my training sessions AND even in my fights! Not only that, but going to the beach now without burning eyes is the best thing and I don’t even talk about waking up and seeing right away. I can go on and on with this. I recommend Doctor Dougherty to everybody who has bad eyes, in fact, he already did the same to some of my fighting buddies and they are all very happy with the result and the way he takes care of you even after the surgery! Thank you very much Doc, you have changed my life!

Bas Rutten
UFC Heavyweight Champion

I couldn’t be happier with Dougherty Laser Vision. Dr. Dougherty performed cataract surgery on both of my eyes this September, 2013. I found Dr. Dougherty and his staff to be caring and professional in every respect throughout my journey, from my first visit and evaluation to the surgeries and post-op follow-up visits. Dr. Dougherty was on top of every detail of my progress. He is a skilled surgeon and I am very happy with the results; no more cataracts, my vision is great and I can now read without glasses for the first time in 20 years. Dr. Dougherty came highly recommended; he also had performed cataract surgery on both of my wife’s eyes two years earlier with excellent results. She had been legally blind in one eye for most of her life and now has 20/20. He also had performed LASIK surgery on an associate in our office who recommended him. I highly recommend Dr. Dougherty to anyone with vision issues.

Joe Z.
Westlake Village, CA

I can’t thank you enough for my new vision. What a life-changing experience! I keep thinking that it was just too easy. My vision changed dramatically in a matter of hours, and I am now completely free from glasses and contacts for the first time since I can remember.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

Valerie Sanchez
Ophthalmic Technician
Santa Barbara, California

I want to thank you for giving me the gift of 20/20 vision, which I have not experienced since grade school. The surgery was so quick and painless. It’s hard to believe that I could walk into the office with 20/500 vision, and walk out seeing 20/20.

I also want to thank your great staff for making me feel very comfortable and confident in your services. Eye surgery can be a very scary thing, but I would certainly recommend Dougherty Laser Vision.

Anita Shaffer
Office Manager
Oxnard, California

As an artist, I need to plan each new painting with a foreground, middleground and background. Thank you for giving me the ability to clearly see all of them with the surgery you performed on my eyes. The result was all that you promised.

Sue Gordon
Thousand Oaks, California

I want to thank you for the excellent job you did correcting my vision. I’ll be driving an Indy car next month at the California Speedway, and the crystal-clear sight I now have will be most appreciated at 200 miles per hour! Of course, the day-to-day improvement in sight is great as well.

Bob Majorino
Camarillo, California