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Celebrity Testimonials

James Charles

Jackson Rathbone

Actor, The Twighlight Saga

With the big man himself- da LASIK OG Dr. Dougherty, yesterday day of surgery. Can’t believe I waited this long....

Fred Segal

February 14, 2012 Santa Monica, California

Paul Dougherty is a visionary. He not only helps people see better, but sees how to serve many who cannot...

Leeza Gibbons

Celebrity, Philanthropist

In just five minutes, my life changed. Dr. Dougherty’s LASIK surgery was the most empowering gift I’ve ever given myself....

James D. Power IV

on Dr. Paul Dougherty and his book, See For Yourself. Former Senior Vice President International Operation J.D. Power & Associates

Several years ago I benefited from the technical and professional expertise of Dr. Paul Dougherty. Today I am deeply moved...

Leighton Meester

TV Celebrity, Model, Singer

Thanks so much for my vision correction surgery! I’m so happy! I can see!

Elle Travis


The eye is the jewel of the body. Thank you for fixing my jewels Dr. Dougherty.

Ryan Boone

Dr. Paul Thanks for the perfect vision.

Taylor Roshestie

Professional Basketball Player

Thanks Doc, Easier to play when I can see the basketball!

Josh Sussman


To Dr Dougherty, thank you for my new vision. I Love it!

Hal B Klein


Thank you for the amazing work! I’ve never seen better!!

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