lasik surgery beverly hills

Are you a resident of Beverly Hills looking for an experienced LASIK surgeon? Dougherty Laser Vision can deliver exactly what you’re looking for. Dr. Dougherty has been performing laser eye surgeries for 20 years. He knows everything there is to know about LASIK surgery and can handle your unique case, no matter what. After tens of thousands of patients served, Dr. Dougherty is one of the most respected and trusted surgeons in the world.

Dr. Dougherty is known as the “doctor’s doctor,” because he’s the one who gets called when ophthalmologists need laser eye surgery performed on their own eyes. He was also one of the first ophthalmologists in the US to have LASIK performed on his eyes, which means that he offers a unique perspective as both an experienced professional and a patient. You can count on Dr. Dougherty to deliver the results that you’re hoping for. Contact us through our website or give us a call today for a free consultation.