Have you had a vision correction surgery that has not worked properly or that has produced other complications? Dougherty Laser Vision offers revision surgery services for the residents of Beverly Hills. Revision surgery can repair or rectify whatever problems you are having with your vision. Dr. Dougherty specializes in treating complications from previous vision correction surgeries. Dr. Dougherty has two decades’ worth of experience in the vision correction field, performing tens of thousands of procedures in his time.

Dr. Dougherty can repair most any problem you’re having with your vision. Many surgeons don’t have the expertise to repair complications from RK (radial keratotomy) surgeries, but Dr. Dougherty knows exactly what to do. He has been called the “doctor’s doctor,” because he’s the one who gets called when another ophthalmologist is having problems with their vision. If you’re looking for one of the most highly skilled and experienced vision correction surgeons in the US, Dr. Dougherty is the man for you.