LASIK Eye Surgery Pricing

At DLV Vision, we’re here to provide our patients with LASIK vision correction surgery — and greater visual clarity that can last a lifetime. We believe that everyone deserves to see their best, which is why we accept a variety of payment options, so you can cover your treatment in the way that works best for you and your budget.

How Much Does LASIK Cost?

There isn’t a single, set price for the procedure. LASIK surgery costs vary, depending on the patient’s eye health, vision prescription, and coverage. For instance, while many insurance plans don’t cover LASIK, as it’s considered an elective surgery, others cover a portion of the cost.

The best way to determine the cost of your LASIK surgery is through a consultation with one of our team members: we’ll be happy to confirm LASIK is right for you, review your options, and provide a personalized estimate. Even better, applying is easy, and you’ll find out instantly if you qualify!

How Much Does LASIK Cost?

Flexible LASIK Financing:
Get LASIK Surgery Today & Pay Later

We’re proud to accept a wide range of options for LASIK surgery payment and make this incredible surgery accessible for as many people as possible. You can get your improved vision now and pay later with 0% financing for 24 months through Alphaeon Credit! Even better, applying for Alphaeon Credit only takes about three minutes to determine if you’re approved, and there’s no impact to your credit for applying. In addition to working with popular insurance providers and credit cards, we also accept the following for LASIK surgery:

  • Alphaeon Credit
  • CareCredit®
  • VSP® Vision Care
  • Flex Spending Accounts (FSAs) or Heath Savings Accounts (HSAs)
LASIK Is as Customizable as It Is Affordable

LASIK Is as Customizable as It Is Affordable

Our practice offers two different LASIK lasers, giving you options for your surgery to get the precise vision you desire. We’ll walk you through the entire setup, procedure, and aftercare details so you’ll know exactly what to expect — and just how much you’ll be saving with superior vision.

How Much Do I Spend on Glasses/Contact Lenses Each Year?

$ 200.00 USD
$ 50.00 USD
$ 15.00 USD
$ 150.00 USD
$ 200.00 USD

Amount I Spend Each Year on Glasses/Contacts:

By the Time I Turn 50 I will have been Purchasing Glasses/Contacts for...

Amount I Will Spend on Glasses/Contact Lenses By the Time I Turn 50:

So, If I Am A Candidate, Can I Afford to Have LASIK Surgery?

$ 2400.00 USD
$ 150.00 USD

Reputiable DLV Surgeons keep in contact with their DLV patients. At about age 50, every person experiences a hardening of their "interior lens" regardless of having DLVor not. When this occurs "Presbyopia", or "Old-Sightedness", is why every person including those who have never worn glasses/contacts until about age 50, will need "Reading Glassess". Your DLV did not "wear-off"! You, along with 50 year olds across the globe, have simply reached your next normal, and naturally ocurring, phase of Ocular Growth - "Presbyopia". Your DLV Surgeon will be happy to discuss treatment options for "Presbyopia" based on your lifestyle between ages 50 and 90

Amount I Could Save on Glasses/Contacts by having DLV Surgery...

Costs Savings is Calculated Using Your Annual Amount Spent on Glasses/Contacts (as provided above) and Adjusts for the Cost of DLV Surgery You Select and Incoporates one Eye Exam Check Every 2 Years until Age 50 or About the Time You Will Require Treatment of Your "Presbyopia".

Is LASIK Worth the Cost? It’s Less Expensive in The Long Run
— And Has Priceless Benefits

While the cost of LASIK is larger upfront, it’s important to consider the long-term. While eyeglasses correct your vision, purchasing new frames, lenses, and accessories adds up over the years. LASIK allows you to enjoy crisp, clear vision without needing to purchase eyewear or update your vision prescription each year. LASIK is usually less expensive than a decade or two of glasses or contacts — and you can’t put a price on being able to conveniently see across distances, eyewear and worry-free.

Priceless Benefits of LASIK

Am I a Candidate for LASIK?

If you’re looking to see your best without the need for corrective eyewear, you’re likely a great candidate for LASIK! You just need to clear some basic age and eye health requirements. Take our self-test to learn more and schedule a consultation with our team for a personalized LASIK plan.

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DLV Vision is proud to provide LASIK and vision corrective surgery to southern California. Wherever in the region you come from, you’ll receive the expert, quality treatment that your eyesight deserves at each of our easily accessible locations.

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