Dougherty Laser Vision provides Beverly Hills with the most advanced implantable contact lens (ICL) procedures. If you’re nearsighted but you aren’t a possible candidate for LASIK surgery, Visian ICL may be the right solution for you. Our very own Dr. Dougherty was the first surgeon in the US to perform the advanced Vista Vision ICL procedure, which reduces the surgical time down to twenty minutes and also reduces the patient’s recovery time.

Dougherty Laser Vision is also one of the first vision correction centers in the US to offer Sonomed ultrasound bio-microscopy, which helps Dr. Dougherty perform the procedure with amazing precision, delivering superior results. Dr. Dougherty has years and years of experience in the vision correction field, so you can rest assured that your eyes are in the best possible hands. If you’re interested in Vista Vision ICL, contact us today for a free consultation.