ICL Los AngelesAn ICL or an implantable contact lens is a type of lens that is implanted over the original crystalline lens and it is a type of refractive surgery to help improve the sight of the eye. This is a type of eye surgery to help vision correction. People often believe that the only way for them to see better is to either wear glasses or contacts, but eye surgery is the latest and most common way to correct ones vision.

Dougherty Laser Vision is the first choice for ICLs in Los Angeles. For more than a decade we have been offering our patients the beauty of vision correction. We are dedicated to offering life changing benefits that go along with vision correction. Dougherty Laser Vision was the first vision correction center in the Western US to offer ICLs or implantable contact lenses. This procedure is commonly used to correct mild to severe nearsightedness. Dr. Dougherty is one of the leading surgeons who offer the implantable contact lens procedure. At Dougherty Laser Vision, we pride ourselves in helping our patients achieve better vision and experience all of life’s sights. Contact Dougherty Laser Vision, the first choice for ICL Los Angeles residents depend on, call today to schedule your consultation.