Eye Surgery Los AngelesEye care is important to your daily life. Your eye sight is essential to your life. Without proper eye care, your sight can deteriorate, making your life exceptionally difficult. Eye surgery is the most common way to repair eye problems. There are several different types of eye surgery, each specific to a different eye problem. All types of eye surgery should always be performed by a trained, professional and experienced eye surgeon. Eye surgery is typically performed in the surgeon’s office on an outpatient basis using anesthesia. Dr. Dougherty at Dougherty Laser Vision in Los Angeles is Southern California’s first choice for eye surgery.

Dougherty Laser Vision has been serving Los Angeles and the surrounding areas for more than a decade for all of their eye surgery needs. Our entire staff is dedicated to helping our patients achieve better eye sight through eye surgery. We also help educate our clients on the right types of eye care. Eye surgery can be a life changing procedure. It allows patients who couldn’t see clearly achieve better sight without the need of glasses or contacts. Contact Dougherty Laser vision, the first choice for eye surgery Los Angeles come to, call today to schedule your consultation with an experienced eye surgeon.