EVO ICL in Ventura & Los Angeles County

DLV Vision is your source for revolutionary vision correction solutions. We’re proud to offer our patients the EVO ICL: a revolutionary way to correct vision without eyewear, and without altering key structures in the eye.

See the World More Clearly — Just Like Joe Jonas

The EVO ICL helped singer Joe Jonas overcome myopia and see more clearly, and said it was phenomenal to see his audience when he performs. He was reassured by how non-invasive the EVO ICL procedure is, and that the surgery is reversable, if it’s ever desired.

What is the EVO ICL?

The EVO is a clinically proven implantable contact lens that can help fix even severe myopia, also known as nearsightedness, and astigmatism. The EVO ICL is made up of a biocompatible material that works seamlessly with your eyes: during an outpatient procedure, this advanced lens is placed into your eye to enhance your vision.

Because the EVO ICL is implanted in addition to your eye’s natural lens, no cornea or lens tissue is altered or removed during the procedure. Combine that with the fact that the lens can be replaced, and you have one of the most unobtrusive and flexible vision correction surgeries!

What is the EVO ICL?

Benefits of EVO Implantable Contact Lenses

The EVO ICL works in tandem with your natural eye to produce clearer vision, so it doesn’t require the use of other corrective eyewear. It also offers UV protection, improved nighttime vision, and doesn’t cause dry eye symptoms!

  • 1Delivers sharp, clear vision
  • 2Enjoy excellent night vision
  • 3Can correct high levels of myopia (nearsightedness) as well as astigmatism
  • 4Five to 10-minute procedure with quick recovery time
  • 5Appropriate for patients with thin corneas
  • 6Does not cause or worsen symptoms of dry eye syndrome
  • 7Made of collamer, a biocompatible material that works in harmony with your eye
  • 8Provides UV protection
  • 9Reduced or eliminated need for external eyewear
  • 10Removable and reversible if ever needed

Who Is a Candidate for EVO ICL?

If you have myopia or astigmatism, want to see your best without the use of eyeglasses, or aren’t a perfect fit for other vision correction procedures, the EVO ICL may be a great choice for you. Potential candidates should also meet the following prerequisites:

  • Have myopia or astigmatism
  • Between the ages of 21 and 45
  • Had a stable vision prescription for at least a year

Schedule a consultation to find out whether EVO ICL is right for you — and how quickly you can see clearer than ever!

Did You Know?

DLV Vision is one of the first ICL centers in the nation to offer the Sonomed UBM (ultrasound biomicroscopy), which measures the precise area for lens insertion to improve sizing of the lens. Dr. Dougherty helped pioneer the ICL technology and was one of just a handful of surgeons in the U.S. to serve as a principal investigator for the ICL FDA clinical study.

In December 2005, DLV Vision hosted the first post-approval ICL training session for U.S. ophthalmologists from across the nation and many continue to come to our centers to observe Dr. Dougherty performing the ICL procedure.

To date, Dr. Dougherty has performed over 4,000 ICL surgeries. Dr. Dougherty is the No. 1 ICL implanter in Los Angeles and Ventura County! He is also the No. 1 provider in the western U.S. as well, which makes him the most experienced in our markets.


Safe, Proven Technology and Exceptional Results

We use the latest equipment in our EVO ICL to provide our patients with the most ideal experience, reduced downtime, and the best possible clarity for each individual. We always combine our advanced technology with personalized treatment plans, because we believe that custom solutions equal better results!

Safe, Proven EVO ICL Results
Meet the DLV Vision Team

Meet the Team

We’re dedicated to taking care of you and your needs, no matter the vision correction procedure you desire. We also believe in taking the time to make sure you’re educated on everything we’re doing to help your eyesight, and why. We’ll guide you through the entire process of your corrective vision surgery and follow up with you afterwards to ensure your vision is the best it can be: we have decades of experience enhancing people’s vision and quality of life, and we can’t wait to improve yours.

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