Over the years, Dr. Dougherty has developed a reputation as “the doctor’s doctor” due to the many healthcare professionals who have selected Dougherty Laser Vision for their vision correction needs. This is what a few of our professional patients have to say about their experience. Please feel free to read our Patient TestimonialsCelebrity patient testimonials.

Dr Ronald Singer

Dr. Michael Freeland praises Dougherty Laser Vision for being the best cataract and LASIK surgeons. Not only does he recommend DLV to all his patients, he also entrusted the team with performing cataract surgery on his wife.

Testimonial: Dr. Michael Freeland and Jennifer Freeland

Dr. Christine Smith reflects on her experience undergoing ICL surgery with Dr. Paul Doughtery at DLV Vision.

After discussing my options with Dr. Doughtery, I decided to go with ICL surgery. The staff was amazing day-of surgery. The surgery was essentially painless and was only there a couple hours from start to finish.

The procedure took 5-10 minutes for both eyes. The next day, I was essentially 20/20 and then a week after, I was 20/15 – which is even better than 20/20!

Testimonial: Dr. Christine Smith

Dr. Downing discusses the results of his LASIK procedure performed by Dr. Bala at his 3-month follow-up appointment. Achieving a visual acuity of 20/15 in both eyes and as an eye doctor himself, Dr. Downing highly recommends Dr. Bala and DLV Vision.

Testimonial: Dr. Eric Downing

Dr. Maier reports one month after her LASIK procedure that her vision is now 20/20, she is contact lens and glasses-free, and her experience with dry eye is better than it ever has been. “Dr. Paul Dougherty and his team have been great, they’ve treated me really well. I’m still referring all of my patients to him and will continue to do so.”

Testimonial: Dr. Lisa Ha Maier

Cataract Patient Dr. Kimberly and Dr. Dougherty

Dr. Paul Dougherty MD performed my cataract surgery on February 13, 2018 and I had an amazing experience. I am an Optometrist and could pick anyone to do my surgery but Dr. Dougherty is the best. He did my LASIK 14 Year’s ago and I choose a multifocal implant for cataract surgery so I would not need to wear reading glasses. I am the only one of my friends in my age who doesn’t need any glasses. He is an amazing surgeon with a friendly office and staff.

Dr. Kathy Fallon OD
Cataract patient

My name is Ronald Singer and I am an Optometrist. For 35 years I have been referring patients for cataract surgery. During the past year, a cataract had made night driving extremely difficult. When surgery was necessary, my choice of Ophthalmologists was very limited. I had previously heard Dr. Dougherty lecture at several Optometric seminars and was aware of his excellent reputation. After my consultation with him, the decision was easy. From the moment I set foot in his office, I was treated like a celebrity and was thrilled with the overall experience. The staff was warm, welcoming and attentive to my needs. Three days after surgery I drove from the Valley to Long Beach in near darkness without any hesitations or concerns. Not having to use any Rx eye drops after the surgery was a big bonus. If you are considering cataract or refractive surgery your eyes deserve the best.

Testimonial: Dr. Ronald Singer
Cataract patient

Testimonial: Dr. Jason Griffith
LASIK patient

I’m an optometrist practicing in Oxnard and I just had my LASIK surgery in the Beverly Hills location. I am seeing better than 20/20 the day after. The staff is is top-notched. They went above and beyond to make sure both my brother who was my driver and myself feel comfortable before the surgery. My procedure was very fast about 10 minutes for both eyes. Prior to the procedure, the staff went over what to expect after surgery, risks, possible side effects, and went over any questions I had. Dr. Dougherty was great! He walked me through every step of the surgery and put me at ease. He also called me later that night to make sure I was doing ok. I love my new vision and can’t wait to travel the world without fussing about contacts or glasses. Come see Dr. Dougherty. You won’t regret it!!

Testimonial: Anna Lam, O.D.
LASIK Patient

Dear Affiliate Doctors,I have worked closely with Dougherty Laser Vision for close to three years. During this period I have seen the fantastic results for LASIK, ICL, and Cataract patients that I have co-managed with Dr. Dougherty.

When I first heard about the Raindrop Corneal Inlay, I knew it would be the procedure for me. After close to eight years of dealing with the hassle of reading glasses, I am thrilled to announce today that I am 20/16 at distance and J1 at near only one day follow my Raindrop procedure. I can now read a book, see my cell phone, and I can even read the fine print of the bottle of proparicaine in the exam lane!

My procedure yesterday morning was painless and took less than five minutes. I went back to work THAT DAY and saw patients in the afternoon.

I am excited to say that with complete confidence, I recommend the Raindrop Corneal Inlay for any plano presbyope like myself. One day after the procedure, with no glasses, I can check the time, read my appointment book, see my computer, and drive without any glasses.

Thank you Dr. Dougherty and your fantastic team for helping me end the need for reading glasses.

Christain Wilson

Testimonial: Christian Wilson, O.D.
Raindrop Corneal Inlay

Dr Kim Butka, formerly Dr Reich, writes: I am an Optometrist in the area and it has been just over a week since I had Visian ICL surgery with Dr. Dougherty. I can see great! I do not have to fiddle around in the morning with glasses or contacts and finally have the relief from discomfort I was having from contact lenses. Dr. Dougherty and his staff made me feel very welcome and comfortable in their hands and I would definitely refer both patients and my family to them. Thanks Dr. Dougherty and team!

Kim Butka, O.D.
Eye Doctor West Hills

Dr. Dougherty with past vision patient

What a great experience! Dr. Dougherty and staff were friendly, attentive and informative. I had Visian ICL’s implanted into each eye to correct my vision. The result was just as I hoped. As an optometrist, I loved that Dr. Dougherty talked me through the whole procedure. I can now share my experience with my patients who are candidates for this procedure. I will continue to refer my patients to Dr. Dougherty knowing that they will receive the most current options for their vision correction needs in a competent and caring manner. Thank you Dr. Dougherty and staff!!

Testimonial: Dr. Amanda Parreira

I want to thank you for the LASIK treatment you performed on my eyes. I have had absolutely no problems, and my vision is perfect; 20/20 in each eye!

As a practicing optometrist in Ventura for the past 34 years, I recognize that you are one of the foremost eye surgeons in the United States. That is why I recommend you to all of my patients.

Complimenting your reputation is your fabulous staff. I was treated like family and every step along the process of my surgery was fully explained. There were no “surprises” at any time. This is of great comfort to patients going through eye surgery – even doctors!

The fact that I experienced no pain, and that my vision went from being “legally blind” before surgery to 20/20 vision on day one post-op, was miraculous!

Thanks again for taking such great care of me.

Testimonial: Robert Pazen, OD
Eye Doctor Ventura, California
LASIK patient

I am a practicing optometrist in Camarillo. For over ten years I have referred my patients to Dougherty Laser vision center for cataract, and laser vision surgery including LASIK and PRK. I perform all the post-op follow up care for these patients. The precise and consistent vision results that Dr Paul Dougherty achieves is amazing.

During this past year I developed significant cataracts that required surgery. For me there was no other choice for a surgeon to operate on my eyes. I have worn glasses since I was was eight year old. I was never a good candidate for contacts or LASIK vision correction. The options for cataract surgery however offer opportunities to be eyeglass free. Dr. Dougherty sat down with me and discussed all the options that were appropriate for my particular case and then decided on a surgical plan.

I had my first eye done a month ago that provided me with perfect distance vision. I had my second eye done last week. My second eye had astigmatism so we decided to implant an astigmatism correcting lens which also focused my eye at near so I could work and read up close without any glasses. For the first time since age 8 I can work and play without glasses. The only glasses I now need are non-prescription sunglasses.

My entire experience at Dougherty Laser Vision was a joy and very professional. The staff all took very good care of me and treated me with compassion and professionalism.

Thank-you Dougherty Laser Vision for the wonderful care you have given to me and the hundreds of my patients you have cared for.

Testimonial: Dr. Michael Ross, O.D.
Family Vision Center, Camarillo
Cataract Patient

I have known Dr. Dougherty for over 12 years, and have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Dougherty on many different levels throughout that time. Not only did I work for Dr. Dougherty prior to becoming an Optometrist, I was one of his patients 10 years ago. As an Optometrist I now trust my patients with Dr. Dougherty whole heartedly.

In my experiences with Dr. Dougherty I have seen his brilliance and precision when it comes to refractive surgery. His surgical skills and up to date technological advances in refractive surgery are exemplary for what we strive to have in our field. He is always on the leading edge of all surgical techniques, lasers, and procedures.

In addition to his thorough knowledge of his field, Dr. Dougherty is a kind and passionate doctor. He wants what is best for his patients; thus, his drive to perfectionism. I have first hand knowledge as one of Dr. Dougherty’s patients to know how much of a stupendous doctor he is. I had LASIK 10 years ago and still have the pleasure of seeing a perfect 20/20 in both of my eyes. I felt at ease knowing my eyes were in the hands of a renowned surgeon. I am so thankful to have perfect vision thanks to Dr. Dougherty.

Now as an Optometrist in the Tri-County area, I highly recommend Dr. Dougherty as their top choice of refractive surgeon to my patients. I have had the pleasure of co-managing my patient’s with Dr. Dougherty, and have seen spectacular outcomes. The result has always been very happy patients post-surgery; whether it be for LASIK/PRK, Cataract surgery or Cross Linking.

I’d also like to mention and commend the amazing and supportive team that surrounds Dr. Dougherty. Dr. Doughtery surrounds himself with top notch technicians and surgical assistants who really strive to give the best care that Dr. Dougherty expects of them.

I couldn’t be more thankful to Dr. Dougherty for my own experience of perfect 20/20 vision, and that I have such an extraordinary doctor I can now send my patients to.

Thank you!

Testimonial: Morgan A Ruiz , O.D.

I am an optometrist and have known Dr. Dougherty for many years. He has provided outstanding care to several hundreds of my patients. He did LASIK surgery on my son 10 years ago and did cataract surgery on me last year. I could have seen any ophthalmologist but I chose Dr. Dougherty because he is the best.

Testimonial: Don Steensma, O.D.
Eye Doctor Oxnard

Dougherty Laser Vision is one of the most magnificent ophthalmology practices in the field! I recently had the pleasure of coming in to Dr. Dougherty as one of his patients for the ICL corrective procedure, and can only rave about the superb eyesight I have now!

I was very nearsighted, and for years I was interested in correcting my eyesight to get out of glasses and contact lenses. I had been to numerous ophthalmologists who were always on the fence regarding my visual quality with LASIK (which is a great procedure for those who qualify). I was one of those patients that would not be a straightforward candidate for LASIK because the quality of my vision may have suffered due to the high amount of myopia and astigmatism that was necessary to be treated, resulting in night time glare/halos and possible regression. I should make note here—that I am also in the eye field, and I would often go into my consultations with burgeoning questions about the potential side effects of the procedures. Oftentimes, many of the surgeons I had consulted with would not even mention the risks of performing LASIK with my prescription, until only after I had mentioned that I was well informed about it and wanted their opinion on whether I would be a qualified candidate knowing these risks existed. After consulting with a number of surgeons, some of whom were willing to perform the LASIK procedure on my eyes, with the compromise and realization that my vision may not be as sharp as I was accustomed to, I had almost given up on performing a vision corrective procedure and decided to remain in contact lenses.

That was, until I consulted with Dr. Dougherty. Dr. Dougherty was the ONLY doctor that was completely upfront and honest about my decision and what choices would be best suited for me. As an optometrist, and especially with my meticulous personality, my eyesight was supremely important to me. Dr. Dougherty realized that, and from the start told me that I would be a more suitable candidate for the ICL (implantable contact lens) to achieve the visual quality I desired. In fact, when I insisted that the ICL was outside of my realm of comfort, and I would only want to do LASIK, he persisted to back his belief with confidence which was bred out of the knowledge, research, and commitment to his profession. He said that if I want to do LASIK, I should see another surgeon because he would be unwilling to perform at a level that he thought was less than superior, and that his goal in serving patients is to provide them with the utmost exceptional care. This was in vast contrast to many of the other doctors I had interacted with. I must also add that I happen to work for an ophthalmologist who performs LASIK surgery, and had accessibility to have my eyes treated at the practice I work at. However, when it came to my particular procedure, I wanted to work with the most proficiently trained surgeon. Dr. Dougherty is involved in multiple FDA trails, and is always on the forefront of cutting edge technology. Furthermore, his dedication to educating his fellow colleagues is unique in the sense that he is always willing to grow and share knowledge, whether it is through continuing education for the optometric society, or donating his time and skill in mission work in various underserved communities. His reputation and qualifications speak for themselves, and the many satisfied patients that I have partaken in co-managing their eye care via his practice are testament to that fact.

I write this for you today, seeing 20/20 in both eyes! My surgical experience was extremely convenient. They even have a van for pick up and drop off to make surgery more accessible for patients who don’t have a ride to the office! The recovery was a breeze, and I went back to work the following Monday without a dent. The staff in particular was very helpful, organized, and proficient; from the front office, to back office, to the whole team of optometric and surgical technicians who paid thorough attention to detail and explained each procedure. As my nerves escalated on the day of the surgery, they helped allay my fears and treated me with warm generosity– like family. The staff is an excellent representation of Dr. Dougherty’s down to earth and empathetic nature. Dr. Dougherty even gave me his number to reach him prior to surgery if I had any questions, and personally contacted me after surgery to follow up. Although he is known to be the “doctor’s doctor”, I was most impressed to find out that he does this for EVERY patient and noted that each patient that walks through their door is treated as VIP!

I can only end by saying that I am extremely grateful to Dougherty Laser Vision and sincerely thank them for the blessing of sight!

Testimonial: S.Z., O.D.

As a private practice optometrist, patient satisfaction is one of the utmost importance for our continued success. When I decide to work with another practitioner, whether it is a lid specialist, retinal specialist I am always cautious. We want the best. Let’s face it, who you refer your patient to reflects upon your reputation and character. A referral doctor is an extension of you and needs to have the same philosophies and ethics that you carry.

Working with Paul Dougherty over the past two years has allowed me to see how dedicated an individual can be towards their profession. Just as how I have a passion for my profession and love for my patients, Paul demonstrates that from a surgeons stand point. He lives and breathes his role as a refractive surgeon. Patients have noted consistently that they are grateful that he personally calls them after their surgeries to make sure they are doing well.

Relationships go well if everything is fine and dandy, but if you run into a problem you want to know that who you are working is dedicated to making things right. We have worked with Paul on dozens of patients and the majority of them go fairly smoothly. However, when there is a complication he goes above and beyond to ensure a positive outcome. He was even in on Thanksgiving Day to see his post operative patients for follow ups and has been readily available for emergencies regardless of times. You wonder if the guy sleeps. He is readily available for a text message and is always open to feedback and works to make sure that your patients are ALWAYS well taken care of.

As far as skill level goes, he is possibly one of the most skilled surgeons and is always on the cutting edge technology. Since working with him he has implemented dropless cataract surgery which has increased our surgical outcome, simplified our co-management care and improved patient satisfaction. Needless to say, being on multiple FDA trials, his insight on developing technologies allows us to better educate patients about future technologies on the horizon and possible benefits. As far as faith in Paul as a surgeon, I have placed my own eyes in his hands and have been thankful for the vision he has provided me with the latest Topography Guided LASIK procedure.

Since undergoing the surgery myself and realizing the potential for great outcome, I have been able to better counsel and care for my patients with greater confidence. Needless to say, I fully endorse Paul as a great colleague, friend, and our trusted refractive surgeon. Thank you Paul for your continued dedication to our patients and your profession.


Testimonial: Dr. Tim Trinh, O.D., F.A.A.O.
Eye Doctor Thousand Oaks

Hello everyone! I am an optometrist who is very myopic (nearsighted) and have been wearing glasses and contact lenses since I was 8 years old. Due to the nature of my prescription, I was advised that I would have better visual outcome with Visian ICL. 1 day after my surgery, I was seeing 20/20; 1 week after, I was even seeing 20/15! I never was able to see 20/15 ever before, even with the most up-to-date contact lens prescription. Not only is the vision spectacular, I do not experience anymore dry eyes. Prior to my surgery, I had severe dry eyes, due to prolong contact lens use, and was dependent using eye drops everyday. Since I feel very comfortable with my eyes now, I don’t feel the need to have artificial tears with me at all times! Thanks Dr. D! Not only is Dr. D a great surgeon, he is also a great doctor! He cares for every patient as a whole. I highly recommend refractive surgery with Dr. D, especially if one is considering Visian ICL!

Testimonial: Mark Landig, O.D.
Eye Doctor Beverly Hills

My lasik experience with Dr. Dougherty and his staff was amazing. Not only do his qualifications speak for themself, but it is hard to find a doctor with such a caring bedside manner. His entire office from the front desk to the technicians are welcoming and thorough. The surgery itself is life changing and I am thrilled that my vision is now 20/15.

Testimonial: Sara Kaz, O.D.
Eye Doctor in Thousand Oaks

I have been sending very satisfied patients to you for years, and I finally had the need to use an ophthalmologist personally. I have to say that I am glad I chose you, even though I refer to a number of other very good surgeons besides yourself. The entire experience from start to finish was wonderful and it was just like my patients have described to me. Your entire staff is friendly and knowledgeable with very little wait time.

As you are aware how important vision is to me as an optometrist, I could not waite to have someone extract the cataracts and improve my vision. The alternatives you have are numerous and I am extremely happy with my choice of an accommodating lens implant. It has given me a lot of flexibility even though I knew I would need reading glasses for fine print. I especially appreciate the time you took to show me the differences in the different options so I could make an educated decision on what lens implant to chose. I saw that you do this with other patients was well, while I was awaiting dilation I watched your staff help others the same way you helped me, so I know I was not receiving special treatment just because of my occupation.

Thank you again for your help in regaining my eyesight.”click to view Dr. Rishko’s letter

Testimonial: Dr. J. Richard Rishko, O.D.
Eye Doctor
Cataract Surgery Patient
Agoura Hills

I am local optometrist and I had Visian Implantable Contact Lenses 10 years ago. I am still extremely happy and have had many patients that have had both LASIK and ICL surgery. I have never had any problems. All of my patients are thrilled with their HD vision. I highly recommend Paul Dougherty MD for your refractive surgery needs in Santa Barbara. It is worth the drive to Camarillo for a life changing procedure.

Testimonial: Tom Fausset, O.D.
Eye Doctor
Santa Barbara

Thank you Dougherty Laser Vision! I just had CATz LASIK and I’m seeing better than I ever did. This is the best gift ever!!

Testimonial: Anh Le, O.D.
Eye Doctor

I am another patient of yours who was thoroughly happy with the process, the outcome, and the surgeon. I wanted to add my appreciation for the career path you chose, and the practice you created. Your work brings so much to so many patients!

You really cure by the laying on of hands.

That is particularly impressive to me, because as an Infectious Diseases doctor, most of what we did was by talking…

With thanks and best wishes!

Testimonial: Mike Lovett, M.D.

Cataract surgery was easier than Lasix. Especially with dropless technique. I saw 20/20 just 2 days after surgery with no hassle of drops! Awesome vision! I am so excited! Dr. Dougherty is absolutely wonderful and I feel lucky to have had this opportunity!
Thanks Doc

Testimonial: Dr. Cory Bream, O.D.
Eye Doctor
Santa Barbara, CA

As an ophthalmic surgeon myself, I was very impressed with your surgical skills and reputation, which I had been aware of for some time. In fact, several years ago I promised myself that if I ever had LASIK performed on my own eyes, you would be my surgeon no matter how far I had to travel. I kept that promise, and the results of the procedure were stunning. The first day after LASIK, I had full uncorrected visual acuity. Two weeks later, I was back in Switzerland performing cataract surgery. My vision is perfect.

Thank you for everything you and your fantastic team did for me.

Testimonial: Peter R. Trueb, MD
Zurich, Switzerland

I just want to thank you for performing my LASIK. I have had an outstanding result, achieving uncorrected visual acuity of 20/15 in each eye.

I was able to got to work the next day, seeing a full load of patients. Two days after the surgery, I was back to performing LASIK on my own patients. It is truly a miracle.

As an ophthalmologist myself, I searched carefully and thoughtfully for the right surgeon to perform the procedure on me. I was extremely impressed with your attention to detail and your outstanding staff. I would highly recommend Dougherty Laser Vision to anyone considering refractive surgery.

Testimonial: Steven Rimmer, M.D.
Hemet, California

I greatly appreciate the gift of vision you have given me. Prior to surgery, my vision was so poor that I couldn’t recognize people in the pool until they we were virtually bumping heads.

I’d been to other offices in the past and rejected the surgeons due to the lack of informed consent. I felt the discussion of risk you provided was excellent. You made me feel very reassured during surgery. The next morning my vision was 20/20, and I was back in the office seeing patients. The following week my vision improved to 20/15. I can now see waves coming and wind surfing is even more of a rush!

Testimonial: Douglas Wilson, M.D.
Family Medicine
Ventura, California

I decided to have LASIK surgery after having worn glasses since the age of six. My vision was roughly 20/400 when I contacted your office for an evaluation. You had come highly recommended by several of my colleagues.

Your exam was thorough and the time you spent explaining the procedure and answering my questions was more than adequate. The follow up care was excellent, and my outcome was perfect.

I strong recommend Dougherty Laser Vision to anyone considering LASIK.

Testimonial: Ray Greek, M.D.
Goleta, California