Cataract Surgery CamarilloHaving a cataract can be stressful and inconvenient to your daily life, always fussing with glasses or contacts. That is why cataract surgery has become so widely popular. Cataract surgery Camarillo residents depend on is at Dougherty Laser Vision and our professional staff. Cataract surgery is known as the removal of the natural eye lens or the crystalline lens. It is removed because the lens has developed a cataract. Metabolic changes of the natural lens fibers lead to the development of a cataract and the loss of transparency. This causes the vision to be impaired or lost. The typical first signs of a cataract are the sensitivity or strong glare from lights or light sources at night. A cataract can be repaired by having cataract surgery done by a cataract surgeon.

Dougherty Laser Vision has been offering state of the art cataract surgery for more than a decade. Cataract surgery can be life changing. Our surgeons and staff at Dougherty Laser Vision are dedicated to helping our patients see more clearly and experience all of life’s sights. We realize that glasses and contacts are a hassle and we are dedicated to helping you achieve clearer vision without having to use either one. Contact Dougherty Laser Vision, the first choice for cataract surgery, lasik, implantable contacts and revision surgery in Camarillo, call today to schedule your appointment.