Ever since he had LASIK surgery performed on his own eyes in 1997, Dr. Paul Dougherty has known firsthand the tremendous satisfaction that his patients get when they have their vision corrected. Dr. Dougherty soon made restoring vision his career when he opened his own practice. When Paul lost his son, Andrew, he decided he wanted to give back to people in need. Dr. Dougherty chose then and there to dedicate his life to helping those in need to regain their vision.

Thus began the Andrew Dougherty Vision Foundation, a charitable, non-profit organization. The ADV Foundation’s purpose is to improve the quality of life for people around the world by providing free vision correction surgeries. Once a year, Dr. Dougherty and his team travel to areas of poverty, war, and disaster to aid people in need of vision correction. From Haiti to the Middle East to veterans in the US, Dr. Dougherty has brought vision to those without the necessary means, like doctors, proper facilities, or financial ability.

Dr. Dougherty is here to give vision to people that need it most!

Thousands of people line up to receive free vision surgery, but Dr. Dougherty takes it even beyond that. His team also works alongside local doctors and hospitals to provide training. Since Dr. Dougherty can only help a certain area for a short time, it makes the most sense to provide free training to the surgeons who already work in the area. That way, the highest number of people possible can be helped and potentially have their vision corrected.

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